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corporate dominance

Corporate manipulation

Capital One, the credit card company is running a promotion where fans get to vote for their favorite college mascot at www.cap...onebowl.com in what they call the "mascot challenge". Funny thing, is that no matter what, both schools are usually within a few percentage points of each other and no mascot ever gets ahead by more than 1,000 votes.
This is such a stupid event I'm embarassed to bring it up but my alma mater's mascot is involved and school supporters are asking people to vote. I've checked it out at least a 1/2 dozen times and the race is always neck and neck.

Could it be that the vote doesn't tally and the corporation is simply manipulating people to get excited and visit their website? What's the likelyhood that out of 15,000+ votes cast, 7 votes would separate two choices? If I'm a marketing manager for the promotion, I know I'd get a lot more interest manipulating the apparent vote than leaving the outcome up to real people. I mean how interesting would it be if one school's mascot was ahead of another by a considerable margin? No one would show up if that was the case so I'm sure they have a little program that makes the race appear close so that some people will get all excited about the corporate promotion.


If you haven't seen the movie "The Corporation" rent it. If you have, make sure your friends and family see it as well.
Just put it 04.Dec.2006 23:09

behind you.

Not only is the contest faked; but the alma mater is also complicit with the credit sharks, and the mascot is their tie-up.

Get your head free of all of them, and you'll likley feel a whole lot better for it.