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update on cougar cub

Poor "Lucky" was killed on Saturday
According to corporate media, the cougar cub was put down on Saturday due to poor health. This could be the truth, but I have to wonder if the animal was really sick or a "problem" which needed a quick 'solution'. It just makes me very sad to realize once again that killing something somehow makes more sense to ODFW than helping it. They 'humanely' euthanized Lucky.....I wonder what that means.
Better respect and communication 04.Dec.2006 17:05


Agreed. Would be nice to trust what we are told.

Many of us with experience with abandoned wild animals know that very often they are abandoned for a reason. Wild parents just do this.
I have spent many dollars at the vet over the years after rescuing new wild colts and coyotes...among other animals, only to have them die because they were too far gone. I'm learning, but it goes against my nature to just leave them there and let nature take its course. It is hard to accept "survival of the fittest" in animals, when we sure don't use that philosophy with people (well, almost).

I'm sure a lot of my guilt is because of my part in reducing their habitat, health, etc.

Enough. It is hard to accept the death of young innocents.

It means we fight them. 04.Dec.2006 17:06


Please contact ODFW and let them know of your outrage over this. It's in these everyday "little" things that the struggle between light and dark takes place. We need to speak up for the light.

And please contact the governor, and all state representatives to demand that whomever made this decision is REMOVED from any position of power over the lives of others. Clearly, they do not merit such a position.

I am sick. But not surprised.

links 04.Dec.2006 18:24


Yes, do make calls and write emails. We need to make sure we are heard on this issue. Here is the link to a former posting which contains contact information:

check this out 05.Dec.2006 06:09

deaf leopard

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LITTLE LUCKY 08.Dec.2006 17:34


ok are we surprised? if it doesn't fit into the program let's kill it. what is the matter with these stupid humans? give an animal a name like lucky and then kill it??? i don't believe for a minute that the animal had a chance.
animals deserve better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!