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Memorial Service for 3,000th US Casualty

First Unitarian Church will hold a memorial service the day after the 3,000th US troop casualty is reported.
A memorial service will be held at First Church at 6pm on the evening FOLLOWING the day when the 3,000th U.S. troop death is reported. Black ribbon armbands will be available for all who wish to wear them at the service and, perhaps, afterward. This service is intended as a time to express our deep grief over the war and its human losses. Members of the public and wider religious community are invited. Please begin to speak with your friends, neighbors and colleauges about attending this event.

First Unitarian Church is located at 1011 SW 12th in downtwon Portland.
and that day 04.Dec.2006 21:17

is coming

currently at 2,904 u.s. military casualties in Iraq, only 96 remain. We may see that occur mid January, perhaps January 15th, Martin Luther King's real birthday and a day of Peace. Going back in time it was January 15, 1991 that brought the announcement of PaPa Bush's deadline to Iraq. Irony is ever present.