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VENEZUELA, country awoken.

How to use Alternative Media for democracy. Websites and resources for the situation in Venezuela
VENEZUELA, country awoken.

Caracas, November 3rd, 4:30 am (ANA)

To the sound of the reveille and fireworks exploding throughout the
city, one awakes and responds, connecting to the media, their
community media, and with their neighbors and friends. In the air one
can feel a sense of happiness, as the triumphant day, much awaited,
finally arrives.

The dense clouds seem lighter. A near full moon can be seen setting
towards the west. The freshness of the nearby mountain, Avila,
caresses the body, a coolness after the rest interrupted. The blood is
felt oxygenating the body.

Venezuela captures the attention of the world for the elections today.
Competing for the presidency are the Commander in Chief, Hugo Chavez
seeking reelection, and a score of oposers with different ideologies,
the majority of which have not the slightess chance of success. Among
the candidates there is one promoted as the sole opposition: Manuel
Rosales, Governor of the State of Zulia.

At this hour, our contacts from our community media outlets confirm
that all around the state, lines have begun to form at the gates of
the voting centers. In the more populated areas, the people began
their wait last night.

This Agency of Alternative News enters into the fray with a solid plan
of exchanging information and sharing duties with various community
media sources within our zone and others of the interior. This agency
is also working with numerous independent journalists that have come
to Venezuela at this time to report first hand to their communities in
many other countries.

Fraņol and Spanglish can be heard, a sprinkling of words very Creole,
some sounding quite original. Most of the principle contributers and
our international media guests did not sleep last night. Our
international team awaits with enthusiasm what the day brings. We feel
priviledged for this special moment that touches us just to be alive
on this workday we anticipate will be long and intense.

Listen live to today's coverage at www.radionegroprimero.org.ve and
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