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A Cougar cub wandered into Mitchell OR Monday Nov 27 and was met with gunshots and rocks. Several Cat rescues along with media got involved. The cub was to be caught and brought to the Portland Zoo, instead the (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) aka, ODFW took the cub and cited an Oregon law that gives them the right to kill it within 48 hours!!!
We have named this cub (Lucky) as he survived whatever fate happened to his Mom. He is tiny, maybe 12 Lbs. He wandered into Mitchell and 2 different residents shot at it with rifles and others threw rocks at him. He survived as all week we rallied to get a Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary and to catch the cub.
The Sheriff's office caught him in Friday Nov 24th and when the Cat Rescue and Oregon Zoo inquired on how to go about getting the Cub they were shocked to have The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife cite the below law and tell them they were gonna take care of this!!!
I urge everyone to act fast to save Lucky. Picket the ODFW if anyone knows a lawyer that would do a pro-bono injunction to stop this travesty please email Michelle at The Portland Zoo or Tammy at "The Wildcat Sanctuary" < cat@wildcatsanctuary.org>
Please HELP!!!

Cougar Kitten Placement Procedure

When a cougar kitten is brought into captivity because of illegal or

unfortunate events, ODFW will 1) determine within 48 hours whether

an AZA accredited facility is available and place the animal, or 2)

humanely euthanize the animal. The contact for placement is Michele

Shireman, AZA Felid Taxon Advisory Group Puma Population Manager,

Oregon Zoo Hospital & Quarantine Keeper 503-226-1561 x5231.

Available facilities are predetermined via frequent AZA meetings and

kept in a record that identifies which AZA accredited facilities

are requesting a cougar and when they are able to receive the

animal. If a facility is available, the Puma Population Manager

will assist ODFW with timely arrangements and transport details

concerning the receiving facility. All required permits, and

associated costs will be assumed by the receiving institution.

Option 2:

No AZA accredited institution is available to accept the animal(s):

Animals should be humanely euthanized as quickly as possible if no

facility is available to accept the animal. This decision should

be made jointly by the field biologist/district supervisor and

department veterinarian. If the animal is not already in the

custody of the ODFW veterinarian, the animal can be transported to

the ODFW veterinarian for the euthanasia procedure or other

arrangements can be made through a cooperating veterinarian. The

events leading to the final outcome of placement or euthanasia will

be recorded in daily notes by the keeper of the animal and

forwarded to the regional supervisor and Division headquarters

(Wildlife Division Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Game Program

Manager, and Cougar Program Staff Biologist). The regional

communications coordinator and ODFW veterinarian will field any

questions via the following talking points and knowledge of the

case. Although people often feel they are protecting or saving

animals they feel may be orphaned, it is in fact illegal to remove

any live wildlife from the wild in Oregon. Further, most animals

though to be orphaned are actually not orphaned and removing them

from the wild ultimate is the least humane thing that can be done.

how is the cougar ... 02.Dec.2006 06:15

friend of baby cougar

is the cougar being kept HUMANELY, and WHERE is the cougar being kept. maybe we can organize a protest for saturday.

we'll be back 02.Dec.2006 08:29


The hununpa continue to destroy our hunting areas, and then kill us as we wander through "their

HOW???? 02.Dec.2006 13:55


Who do we call? What do we do? I think a LOT of calls to the assholes will be helpful. But whom do we contact??? HELP! Get an injunction right away, to stop them from hurting the baby before we can rescue it from their awful hands.

found this 02.Dec.2006 13:59


I found this information:

3406 Cherry Avenue N.E. :: Salem, OR 97303 :: Main Phone (503) 947-6000 or (800) 720-ODFW [6339]

Do you have a question or comment for ODFW? Contact ODFW's Public Service Representative at:  odfw.info@state.or.us

Do you want to enter your opinion about a specific issue into the public record? Contact:  odfw.comments@state.or.us

on this site:  http://www.dfw.state.or.us/

is this the right office to be calling? i will start here, but if others have better information, please add to this discussion. and PLEASE, contact them right away. And if you are a LAWYER, please help these folks save this baby!

some more useful information 02.Dec.2006 14:45


Director's Office
(503) 947-6044

High Desert Region

61374 Parrell Road
Bend, OR 97702

P: (541) 388-6363 (Bend)
P: (541) 573-6582 (Hines)

Southwest region

4192 N. Umpqua Highway
Roseburg, OR 97470

P: (541) 440-3353

Northeast region
107 - 20th Street
LaGrande, OR 97850

P: (541) 963-2138

and all the regional offices are here:  http://www.dfw.state.or.us/agency/directory/local_offices.asp

Just, I don't know where Mitchell is. ....

which number to call 02.Dec.2006 15:21


I think the best course of action is to call them all. But I believe that Mitchell is in Northeast Oregon... I mean I know where it is, just not certain whether it falls under the central or the NE office. If it's NE, call P: (541) 963-2138, and hit "0" and you will get theri general mailbox. Please leave an eloquent message, as you will be fighting for someone's life.

Their best defense is a dead telephone 02.Dec.2006 16:01


At least write to the Gov's office, and any other email or mail addy you can find, to let him know that, while we may not be able to stop these mindless morons, we will see to it that their bosses' political careers are as dead as this poor kitten:  http://www.oregon.gov/Gov/contact_us.shtml

Try here 02.Dec.2006 19:39

Friend of cougars

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center (Grants Pass)

My friend here in Eugene who is experienced in the care of rehab cougars said to call these folks as they are one of the only licensed places for care of cougars. Mountain Lions of course can never be "rehabilitated" they always remain wild animals. Truely awesome animals, they are the unfortunate victims of cougar hysteria and my blood boils everytime I hear about people trying to harm them because there are virtually no recorded attacks on humans by cougars in the state of Oregon.

More 02.Dec.2006 19:42


Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center
11845 Lower River Rd., Grants Pass
(Located near Merlin.)
(541) 476-0222

what is the world coming to? 03.Dec.2006 09:57

sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

when the option even exists to murder a baby, an infant who has lost it's mother? Is this the mindset that prevails? I'm going to "call them all", but perhaps there should be a push to change the options from killing healthy orphaned animals to euthanizing them ONLY if they are examined by a reputable veterinarian as being mortally injured and are suffering.

The value of life, any life, in this country has decreased alarmingly.

Where will it go from here? Better we try to change it, starting right here, right now.

link to other Indy article 04.Dec.2006 08:09


Check this out for more information;

rehab 04.Dec.2006 08:13


Why isn't this cub being sent to a wildlife rehabilitator to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild?

more on rehab 04.Dec.2006 08:18


To clarify to "Friend of Cougars", to rehabilitate a wild animal means to care for it so that it can be returned to the wild, whether it is an orphaned cub or injured adult. So cougars can be rehabilitated, which means keeping them wild.

Saw the KATU video 05.Dec.2006 04:47

sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I watched the video on the KATU webpage.

"Raw footage of sick cougar cub before it was euthanized

The cub was found in Mitchell, Ore., where it was reportedly coming up on people's porches searching for food. A resident there who helped capture the cub sent KATU video showing the cougar's condition."

All I saw was a scared little cub. I don't believe for a second that he was "sick"---the sick ones were the ones who put the needle to an innocent animal. My father was an outdoorsman, and we all grew up with wild animals. This was just a piss-poor excuse to kill. I'm glad my father wasn't here to see that.

My domestic cat vomited his dinner yesterday---luckily these freaks didn't capture him---they'd have killed him too.

So sad and sorry to be part of this particular human race.

Mercy, Not Coyotes 05.Dec.2006 11:43

Locking up Cougars/ NOT Righteous

Rehab status for small wild Cougars is a sick human trick. In the Wild, Coyote would have done the final deed. A young Cougar needs more than a year with its mother to learn its duties. Putting your disney fantasy on a wild animal is warped. I worked with veggie folkes who thought rehabbing Cougars was elevated Political Correctness. I carried the knife and slaughter chores and saw confined Cougars daily. Mercy does not involve Chainlink and Boredom. Wildlife does not ask for your rules. Pace all day in a cell and then brag about it. Lucky remains FREE.

Question for previous poster 05.Dec.2006 22:57


So you're saying young Cougars don't stand a chance in the wild on their own and the only alternative would be a life of Cougar incarceration? I'm reading within your post you think death at the hand of ODFW is preferable to a life behind chain-link fencing?

Mercy, Not Chainlink 07.Dec.2006 15:03

Righteous Humans? Lock Up Humans

The above response assumes that the kitten, "Lucky", could defend itself... at the size of a housecat? Clearly, your experience is minimal. Cuteness saves no life in the foodchain that Nature runs. Nearly a decade with caged LIONS showed me their IMMENSE DIGNITY... and I pitied their minimal tolerance of imposed human intrusion. There ARE, most likely, Far More captive Cougars than Wild in our country, and yes, they DO learn to associate with handlers. Some folkes assume that to be a natural right, for the "superior minds" to cage "lesser minds". I find locking up Wild Cougars to be similar to "saving' a horse in your bathroom. Their Wild domain covers 36-50 square miles.

I believe in allowing Nature to take her own course and hope not to intrude on privacy of Lions. I have met one Wild Cougar at 16' while Elk hunting... we parted safely, with full respect for our predator instincts.

Lucky will be back, and Lucky's mother will be, too. Leave Nature to Nuture, or To Take Her Own. By the way, Cougars are Immensely Intelligent and are the largest purring cat on this world. Peace, Light, and Mercy.

How can you kill an innocent cougar? 11.Jan.2008 08:54

cougarlover candy_girl619@yahoo.com

Seriously what is wrong with you people? how can you hurt or even want to hurt an innocent cougar! i say you find help quick before its tooo late...even tho my comment is late hopefully you guys did find help because i like animals and cute baby cougars. They have lifes like us tooo they are human beings...dont descriminate the baby cougar be generace i say we take action for this baby cougar!

Help the baby Fast!