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Portland City Council Passes Resolution to Bring Troops Home

Today, November 30, 2006, on a 5-0 vote, Portland's City Council passed a
resolution calling for the troops to come home in order to fund human
This victory was a result of work done by Peace and Justice Works' Iraq
Affinity Group and the American Friends Service Committee, among others.

(Note: the final version posted on 11/30/06 is different from the
previously posted draft, as Commissioner Sten introduced a few minor
amendments at the beginning of the
hearing-- http://www.pjw.info/finalportlandresolution.html).

Here's an excerpt from Kelly Campbell of AFSC's report on the hearing:


A "standing room only" crowd witnessed moving testimony from more than 50
people who made the case for the resolution. Those testifying included
military families, veterans and Iraqi-Americans, labor and faith group
leaders, youth and students and those who work on health care, education,
housing, homelessness, environmental justice and other human needs issues.
The presenters made a strong case for the many local impacts of the war on
the Portland community and why we need to speak up as a city for peace.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this campaign--those who signed the
petition, gathered signatures, volunteered, spread the word and showed up
for the hearing. This was truly a group effort and it showed!

Portland has spoken: now we have to make sure our federal officials act on
behalf of our wishes to bring the troops home from Iraq and to change our
policies to reflect Portland's priorities.


The next steps will include looking to the state legislature to pass a
similar resolution. At the hearing, Oregon Rep. Chip Shields announced his
intention to introduce a resolution in the house when the legislature
convenes in January.

(If anyone on this list has a particular connection to any State Rep. or
State Senator please get in touch with us here at PJW.)

The City resolution was sponsored by Portland City Commissioner Randy
Leonard, whose vote against a similar resolution prior to the 2003
invasion of Iraq led him to speak about how he felt he had been lied to by
the administration, and felt this was a way to make right the mistake of
supporting the war in the past.

Groups working on this effort included Military Families Speak Out-Oregon,
Environmental Justice Action Group, Sisters of the Road, Oregon Action,
Portland Area Rethinking Schools, and Portland Schools Alliance. (The full
list of endorsers/cosponsors includes 50 groups and
individuals-- http://www.pjw.info/resolutioncosponsors.html) Other
information, can be found at the AFSC Portland website
( link to afsc.org).
This effort is focused on the cost of war in human terms and in the amount
of resources that could be kept at home for education, health care, jobs,
housing and the environment. We also have posted the original proposed
resolution ( http://www.pjw.info/proposedcityresolution.html) for other
communities to look at as a model and to compare to the final version.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pjw.info/Iraq.html
phone: phone: (503) 236-3065

Good work; Now end the occupation of the USA 01.Dec.2006 06:19


The United States is an occupied nation. It is under control of a despot who seeks to impose a permanent theocratic dictatorship upon the people of the United States. The Constitution's Bill of Rights is being shredded. Congress is controlled with a carrot of limited power and the stick of a family dynasty that achieved its power through assasinations.

The new legislative Democratic majority is a mere temporary setback. The reptiles will hide from the light as they did 20 years ago, after the Iran-Contra scandal. Their agenda extends across generations. Democrat puppets, like Clinton, will carry out their dirty work, while we enjoy a little more pocket change. Clinton's oral sex scandal was an effective charade to mask the genocide in Iraq under UN scanctions.

Today's young people will live in a world of state sponsored terorism and dictatorship. An overwhelming grass roots impeachment movement is the only salvation.

We Can Do This 01.Dec.2006 08:24


This event is significant, not in itself, but as a symbol of what can be accomplished by an all-out full court press in all arenas, including the electoral, to reverse US foreign and domestic policy.

Symbolic political action becomes really meaningful only when supported by popular consensus that it's just, reasonable, and necessary. Popular democratic mandate is required for revolution, anywhere.

Democracy is the most fundamental revolutionary concept.

This is not just about "getting out of Iraq". And it's not just about taking care of our own people at home, but also about pursuing more constructive participation in world affairs.

Ultimately, we can reverse the racist, sexist, eco-raping foreign and domestic policies of the Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats only by throwing the bums out, and electing progressive representatives at all levels.

A supermajority is necessary, so that in striving for full consensus, that will be possible, and when it comes to a vote "minority" rights will be protected, since a vast majority of Americans are not racist, sexist, eco-raping pigs.

Expropriation and re-appropriation of necessary resources to reverse foreign and domestic policies must begin forthwith.

It must be understood that the counter-revolution will resist to the death, no matter how just, reasonable and democratic the popular mandate.

Counter-revolutionary civil war is a reality we cannot ignore. It must be headed off, and minimized, by swift and firm suppression of anti-democratic, elitist, counter-revolutionary traitors.

This will require a supermajority, at all levels, and determined ongoing action to prosecute to the full extent of the law, relentlessly. Counter-revolutionary elements who resist militarily, or in a paramilitary manner, must be destroyed militarily.

Nobody has a "right" to be a racist, sexist, eco-raping pig. They are no longer politically correct, or even legal, in America. They should "Love It or Leave It"

All Power To The People!

Call off the electoral boycott!

Thanks 01.Dec.2006 10:41

lonevet lonevet2000@peoplepc.com

For the first time--- in a long time---, I felt like an American.

I hope all the members of the City Council went home last night, looked into the mirror and said, "I did what I could, and it was good."

There is much work left to do, but last night was wonderful and we should all be proud of what the city of Portland has said in this resolution. I walk a little taller this day, thank you all!

"Throw enough stones into the sea of corruption and you can make an island."

I am wondering..... 01.Dec.2006 11:00

An arestee

I'm wondering if the Portland City Council reversal on the Iraqi war comes with an appology to all the protesters who were arested on March 20, 2003. I know several people who were significantly "roughed up" by police that night. I was kept in "flex cuffs" for six hours and detained for 11 hours. The DA had no case because the police lied and charges were dropped. Thanks Mr. Graff.

The Portland City Council is a johny-come-lately to making a stand against a bad decision that was clearly evident to thousands nearly three years ago. Their resolution is meaningless and has no effect on policy...everyone knows little Beriut is against the war. What city council should really act on is Police accountability in Portland...it is there that they could make a difference.

A simple resolution that created an Independent Review Board for police investigations...Portland is about 30 years behind the curve on that Police Accountability and time is still ticking as the bodies stack up. Portland has its own war and the victims are marginalized citizens like: James P. Chasse Jr.

Now if City Council would take positive action in peace and justice in Portland by creating an independent review of the Portland Police...that would really be something. I won't be holding my breath.

waste of time 02.Dec.2006 08:37

zack and cody

Dubya, Cheney and their gaggle of terrorists probably still have sore ribs from laughing so hard.

Independant Police Review , IPR exisits now 06.Dec.2006 23:43


It is located on the 3rd Floor of Portland City Hall.

It's been in existience about 2 years now.
Takes all kinds of Police complaint cases....they have a website.

IPR is not recognized as independent.... 07.Dec.2006 18:59

PARC Report

The PARC review of 2005 see page 70 (available at: parc.info)....which came out after the IPR existed....does not recognize Portland's IPR as an independent review. In fact; the PARC review slams Portland Police Bureau for Biased and Sloppy internal investigations. PARC also slams the City Council for not creating an independent review board.

PARC is an independent review committee (Police Review Assessment Center) commissioned by Portland to review the Portland Police over several years. The original report was delivered in 2003 and identified 89 reccomendations neccessary to lend credibility to the Portland Police. At the center of the report and the PARC reccomendations is Reccomendation 5.15 that highlights the need for independent review of Police Investigations of Police Shootings and In-Custody Deaths.

Pointing to the IPR as an adequate review is like pointing to Donald Rumsfeld as an independent auditor for the War in Iraq. Everything is going great!