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Download a flyer and get to work

Friday, December 1st, is an important day. Not only is it a day of international protest against the inauguration of Felipe Calderon, who stole the election in Mexico, it is also a day to raise consciousness about the continuing massacre and human rights violations against the 'Oaxaca Commune' -- a autonomous government in the Mexican state of Oaxaca of real democracy that the corporate-dominated national government cannot allow to live.
Oaxaca Flyer
Oaxaca Flyer
In Portland, a city-wide day of pamphleteering has been organized. To participate is simple: download a pamphlet, make some copies (at home or at Kinkos), and stand outside your local grocery, video, or beer store (anywhere is good)-- or simply drop off some copies at a cafe or restaurant. To help make this action successful, all that is required is a half-hour of your time.

The recent events of Oaxaca are nowhere to be found in the mainstream media, and is thus all the more important a reason to spread the word. The more that people know about this, and the more pressure is put on our media/government, the less the Mexican government can act with impunity to jail, assassinate, and 'disappear' hundreds of innocent people.

Get outside and go to work!

get off your asses people 30.Nov.2006 11:19


This is truly activism made easy.

There is no excuse not to do this.

love it 30.Nov.2006 18:57


if anyone has some chance to run a bunch of copies off thier bosses copie machine
and wants to help out in printing dropping off a bunch at a cafe thats cool with the idea
then others can come and pick them up and put them about

also for no cost
put a print of this in every copy of whatever paper (willy, merc, trib, etc) you come across in those little boxes littering up our public spaces

This is a good reason to get community copy machines 30.Nov.2006 19:21

pirate pdxmedia@mutualaid.org

Also getting more distribution places throughout town would help also spread the written word. If anyone has a working copy machine they woulld like to donate to the cause contact  pdxmedia@mutualaid.org

corporate 01.Dec.2006 06:57


many use Kinkos to copy info sheets or flyers for protests
but lets remember they are corporate and distribute the copying to print shops that are locally owned, family run businesses. you might pay a few cents more per copy - so rob your penny jar - it won't take much to replenish

guelagueza 01.Dec.2006 15:00


when i noticed the address  pdxmedia@mutualaid.org i thought i would point out to those of you who dont know it already that mutual aid is the english meaning of the oaxacan word "guelagueza" which is the name of an annual celebration in oaxaca where villagers from the outlying villages of the state of oaxaca come to the city of oaxaca and have a folk dance festival. this happens in july. in recent years the celebration has become more commercialized and touristy and finally a grand ampitheater was built on a hill overlooking oaxaca to have the guelagueza in and gringo size prices were put on the tickets. a lot of people in oaxaca thought this was blasphemy so they stole busses, parked them across the highway leading to the ampitheater, let the air out of the tires and marched up the hill and set fire to the platform the guelageza was to be performed on. a week later a free day long "guelagueza popular" was performed a the sports field of a technological
institute down by the river at the edge of town. 20,000 oaxacans came when they shut the gates. after each dance, the dancers would throw out handfuls of things that grew in their region. hombres came around with plastic bottles full of mezcal and little shot glasses made of bamboo tubes. the shots were free too. during every intermission between the different sets of dancers, someone would start the chant of the movement, "ya cayo, ya cayo, Ulises ya cayo" and raise their left hand in a gesture that i interpreted as dumping something down the toilet. the phrase means (governor) Ulises (Ruiz) you have already fallen. immediately nearly all of the 20,000 would take up the chant.
the popular assembly of oaxaca (appo) is based on the principle of guelagueza.