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Furious Female Furrier Protests Protesters.

Linda Schumacher and other store employees come out and provide a counter protest.
Last weekends Schumacher demonstration really made use of one of our usual chants.
1, 2, 3, 4, this is a fur war. We have a big new sign, and Linda came out and stood in front of it with their 50% off sale banner. This led to a debate, and after a while she went back inside. Later, she came back out along with another employee and went across the street with the security guards. This time they had two signs. The funny thing is that we couldn't read them from across the street. They could take sign making lessons from us.

Our two sides spent about 45 minutes debating back and fourth across the street. During most of this time, our side chanted our usual chants while Linda screamed at Matt. Most of her rants were false accusations and trying to find any weakness in our information.

She thought our video was false and wanted to know where the original footage was. She dismissed Matt's offer to show her his own footage. Linda didn't help the Schumacher cause at all because she never offered any good evidence for her side of things, and she avoided and skirts the issues anytime one of us asked her a direct question.

Eventually they went back inside, and the security guards returned to their usual door station. We went back to handing out literature and educating the public. The cheerleaders did their normal thing, and we had the usual closing.
be careful 30.Nov.2006 10:57

safety man

It looks like she is breaking down. You only have to read the news from the past 40 years to know when people break down, they do desperate things. Think "Postal".
Are you prepared when she comes at you violently and her husband does the same in order to "protect her honor"?
After all, she is in the death business.....

Desperate behavioral traits 30.Nov.2006 12:17


Very strange, and very desperate.

It's amazing just how much these Schumacher people resemble the Scientology crime syndicate's owners and operators when confronted with pickets and protests. The Schumachers' behavioral traits are virtually indistinguishable from what one can see on XenuTV.

safety man - 30.Nov.2006 15:09

not worried

while Gregg and Linda are certainly lunatics, I'm not sure that they have a death wish. There are officers stationed there all the time (not for protesters, but to protect themselves against a Schumacher lawsuit) who are keeping a careful watch on the Schumachers. They knew that Linda was trying to create a volatile situation when she came out last week.

since... 30.Nov.2006 16:26


they will never be able to prove that they are in compliance with local animal cruelty laws, how can they claim that they have a legal right to operate a local business which is founded on this suspicious and revolting basis? Can they claim that they are not disturbing the peace by repulsing everyone, especially repulsing everyone to the point that an entire, well supported, cause has been called up against them? Are they not getting in the way of everyone's basic freedoms, by engaging in something so heinous that we can't humanly walk away from it? Does society not have the right to police ourselves, by doing away with businesses that encourage violent behaviors?

reality check 30.Nov.2006 22:01

Nohj Maha

There is a terrible misconception that activists are timid or weak and incapable of repelling an assault.
Those who are protesting come from diverse backgrounds.
Ex military, law enforcement, doctors, martial artists,cab drivers, bank tellers etc.

We are not just homeless thugs as Linda and gregg would want you to beleive.

I am capable of defending myself and will do the same to protect others risghts to the first amendmant.

Dont judge a protester by his or her sign.

There are some ass kickers in the crowd. Defense only