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Carol Brouillet on Radio tonight/new article

Announcement of radio broadcast tonight and a new article on Carol Brouillet's 2006 9/11 Truth, Impeachment, Peace, Congressional Campaign
Running in Circles
Running in Circles
Carol Brouillet will be on a Canadian radio program called 9-11 TRUTH Show, tonight 6-7pm PST.

Radio Malaspina, CHLY 101.7 FM, presents 9/11 Truth Show: An Exercise in
Speaking Truth to Power
Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 pm

Nov. 29 2006.
Confirmed Guest:
Nov. 29 Carol Brouillet - 9/11 Truth activist.
Listen online at www.chly.ca

The show -
The September 11, 2001 terror attacks, conducted by elements within the US government, awakened in this researcher the desire to learn a more comprehensive version of U.S. military and economic history than corporate/financial elite and complicit governments make begrudgingly available. This expose on 9/11 and the resulting War on Terror, with particular regard for Canadian content and consequences, began as a counter argument to the well-intended but misinformed citizens trapped within an artificial reality created by decades of patriotic propaganda. However, research exposes something equally frightening; documented plans for the creation of an integrated North American Police State with the US government that will forfeit Canadian independence to the greed of Wall Street and the military might of the Pentagon. Our governments are doing this by creating a climate of fear and counting on our continued ignorance. Our concerns and actions must become political before our democratic process becomes the charade it has for our southern neighbours.

The article-

Running in Circles:
2006 9/11 Truth/Impeachment Congressional Campaign Report
From Beginning to End, and Where Next?
by Carol Brouillet
November 28, 2006

Posted in its entirety with links at  http://www.communitycurrency.org/circles.html
Here is a short excerpt:

Recently I was invited to join a "circle" and I couldn't resist the invitation, because circles can be very powerful experiences. Native Americans have traditionally formed circles, passing a talking stick and speaking from the heart, to draw from the collective wisdom of the group to solve problems. Circles respect everyone's ability to contribute and participate meaningfully. The most productive, meaningful gatherings that I've participated in have used circle processes; when they grow large, sometimes they give birth to many new circles. I see the spread of circles--concentric, overlapping circles everywhere--as people make more and more connections between the personal and the political, as the unconscious becomes conscious, and as light is cast upon the darkest shadows of our collective experience.

We are needed to midwife the transition from a dying "dominator paradigm," where large institutions and governments hold power and legitimacy, to the "peaceful paradigm" where individuals and small groups with courage, integrity, truth, and heart will begin to shoulder greater responsibility for pointing a way through the rapids of change, to avoid the rocks, the whirlpools of economic collapse, endless war, and the unleashing of the latest wave of bio-terrorism attacks.

Did the anti-war movement win the recent election? Is the Baker/Iraq study group just a mask for the fascists to hide behind, as they lick their wounds and retreat? The proposal to create a North American Union--a more draconian expansion of NAFTA that asserts control over Mexico's energy resources--allows for the super-exploitation of labor and the environment and guarantees profits to the major players with the costs to be borne by people and planet. A few Congressmen have put forward a resolution condemning and drawing attention to the plan. The idea will be vigorously opposed at the grassroots level. After a suspicious election, the legitimacy of the Mexican government remains questionable. Repression, rebellion, and murder in Oaxaca have sparked solidarity protests in many American cities and other countries as well. The Global Justice movement, set back by the events of September 11th, is reviving and again challenging the most visible dominant institutions that exercise the most obvious power over most countries.

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