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Attorney Brandon Mayfield Settles with FBI for $ 2 mil

Brandon Mayfield ,Beaverton Attorney false accused and arested in 2004 for the alleged bombings in Madrid settles for $2,ooo,ooo.
Brandon Mayfield a Beaverton Attorney settled with the FBI for $2 million dollars this morning, Nov 29th,2006.
The issue of resolving the Patriot Act contained within the former Federal suit will still have to be continued.

The Feds agreed to settle to pay for the suffering of his detainment in federal jail for 2 weeks in 2004.

The feds also agreed to destroy all of the records they still have (sure)that they siezed.

The Feds also issued another aplogy to the Mayfield Family,
Saying "the United States Government,acknowledges that the investigationand arrest were deeply upsetting to Mr. Mayfield ,to Mrs,Mayfield and to their 3 children", and the United States regrets that it mistakenly linked Mr. Mayfield to this Terrist attack."

FBI Analysts in March 2004 mistakenly detetermined that a print found on a bag of detonators near the deadly train attacks belonged to Mayfield.
The federal Government states that they have now taken new measures to make sure this never happens again.(proper finger printing I.D)

May Field hired Celebrity Attorney Gerry Spence and Eldon Rosenthal,A Portland Civil Rights activists Lawyer as well as a Newport attorney to tackel the Patriot act issue.