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Uprising in UK asylum prison

A heavy riot started around 9 pm in B wing and seems to have spread to all wings. Some detainees have been beaten up and tortured by police. There are reports of fires being lit everywhere. Detainees have been locked up in their rooms in some parts of the centre. In others they are stll rioting.
 50 detainees were seen in a courtyard spelling the word help with bed sheets
50 detainees were seen in a courtyard spelling the word help with bed sheets
It is difficult to communicate with the detainees inside and get correct information, as detainees have been prevented to go to the phone. We managed to speak with some detainees, than the officers told them to get off the phone.

Just spoke to a detainee in C wing: he says B ans C wings are the worst. Destruction is continuing in C wing, the doors have been broken, detainees cannot go out, guards are nowhere to be seen, supposedly afraid to go there. There is a lot noise and shouting, the detainee says thy are now smashing the office door. The shop has been smashed too. In B wing there is water everywhere after they smashed the plumming. Police has been called but haven't gone in yet. He says some detainees are injuried. He says the distruction is caused by frustration of being detained in awful, prison-like conditions, often for long time, requests and complaints being ignored.
The alarm in C wing is no longer working, we can hear the alarm from B wing on and off. He cannot see any fire from where he is, says fire has been extinguished on the ground floor but is still burning upstairs. All lights have gone off in B wing.

It seems there was a fire at Colnbrook early yesterday afternoon. It seems detainees were evacuated and taken back into the building, and a detainee reported everything was OK.

It seems a more serious disturbance started at Harmondsworth at 9pm and detainees are being taken out of the building.

In A wing the disturbance is continuing.
Many detainees are now outside in the exercise yard. The detainees on 3rd floor are locked in and cannot go out. They can smell a lot of smoke. They have no ventilation and it's getting very hot.

Reasons given by detainees on what caused the riot:

Some people have been tortured and they don't get medical care, they get abused by officers, they are kept in detention a long time.
Some want to go back to their countries but they are kapt in detention.
Some are scared to go back and get beaten at the airport.
Some have family here in the UK.
If people complain they are put in isolation, you cannot say anything.
'This country is abusing us' they say.