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gasoline laws in Oregon need to be repealed

The gasoline laws in Oregon are antiquated and only create low paying jobs. I've done some research on the statutes and have spoken to the Fire Marshall about them and how they are enforced.


480.385 says you can be fined up to $500 for pumping your own gas.

480.349 says motorcylists can put the nozzle in their motorcycle, but they must be handed the nozzle by the employee. When owner is done, s/he must hand it back to the employee, who then returns the nozzle to the pump. Ridiculous.

480.315 outlines the reasons why we're not capable of pumping our own gas.

When I spoke to the Fire Marshall, they made it very clear that it is the jurisdiction of the Fire Marshall to serve a notice per
ORS 183.415 ( http://www.leg.state.or.us/ors/183.html). If a gas station employee says they'll call the police, tell them to go ahead because they can't do anything about the situation. I was also told that it's illegal for the employee to leave a nozzle that is dispensing gas unattended. The Fire Marshall acknowledged that this law is broken all of the time, but technically the gas station can have their gas license revoked. If an employee gives you lip, tell them this.

The scariest part is that if a complaint is filed against you, then the burden of proof is on you to DISPROVE that you didn't do what is being claimed. Guilty until proven innocent? The Fire Marshall acknowledged this and said to write your legislators to change it.

its not enforced 29.Nov.2006 12:16


I saw one customer who was allowed to pump his own while the attendent looked on, I asked what gives and he said "I know him, it's ok" so it's not enforced. I called the state about this and they said since we didnt witness it, we can only give them a warning.

By the time any coppers show up, one would be long gone. The only thing is if they shut the pump off or it wont take your card.

who gets fined? 30.Nov.2006 13:02


"480.385 says you can be fined up to $500 for pumping your own gas"

The way I read the statutes, it's the gas station that's likely to get fined (by the fire marshall) for allowing us to pump our own. I wonder if anybody has ever been fined for self-service dispensing.

I agree that the law says gas station workers must stay at the car while it's being filled. The worker must be "in the immediate vicinity of the tank being filled" ORS 480.340. I would think that a judge would interpret "immediate vicinity" to mean within a few feet - like cleaning windows would be okay, but not leaving to attend to another customer.