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Blumenauer on Impeachment

If you're wondering where Rep. Earl Blumenauer stands on impeachment/ouster of B&C—and why—and write him, you may receive the same response as several of us did. Despite his 74% of the vote Nov. 7, he seems to have forgotten his oath to preserve, defend, and protect the Constitution as his primary obligation for representing those of us who sent him back to Congress for two more years.
For those puzzled by Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi's taking impeachment/ouster of President Bush and Vice President Cheney "off the table" in the U.S. House, it might be instructive to read the reasons given Nov. 28 by my Congressional representative Earl Blumenauer—to me, a constituent in our state's bluest district where he won re-election by 74%. His views undoubtedly are shared by many House colleagues and show a desperate need for us to provide him (and them) with some education on why we created that Democratic tidal wave that will control Congress after January 3.

Last summer, Earl's opposition to impeachment was that: 1) Republicans controlled the House; 2) to get 67 Senate votes for ouster would be impossible. But after Nov. 7's midterm elections: 1) Democrats now control the House AND Senate; and 2) Republican senators fleeing Bush and Cheney may provide those 70+ votes for ouster within the first three or four months of 2007 (Clinton proceedings took three months). All proposed investigations could be poured into those proceedings to save time, money, effort.

It's also a given that: 1) Congressional business goes on as usual concurrently with impeachment proceedings;
2) the Senate held trials for both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton (both saved by one vote);
3) the Bush regime still has 25 months to totally topple the Constitution and our system of government before it is "on its way out the door";
4) impeachment will scarcely distract Americans on the Constitutional grounds for which B&C will be tried (1st, 2d, 4th, 6th Amendments; Article I, Sections 7, 8, 9; Article III, Section 2);
5) Blumenauer and all in Congress will be swearing an oath again on Jan. 3 to preserve, defend, and defend the Constitution from those B&C violations that set future precedent for the Divine Right of Kings. Failure to do so constitutes a high crime that rises to the Constitutional standards for impeachment of him and all others.

The following email from him contains his newest reasons why he opposes impeachment/ouster—plus his email address should you wish to educate him about saving the Constitution and our form of government from those traitors who would overthrow both. :

Dear Dr. Ellis:
Thank you for contacting me with your deep concerns about this administrations behavior. I have heard from a number of people who are ready for this president to be censured, even impeached. Certainly having endured the travesty of the Republican impeachment of Clinton, I can understand and sympathize with that point of view.

There are few people who worked harder in the 2004 election for George Bush not to be president. I traveled more miles, raised more money, gave more speeches, and did more political organizing than I think anyone else in Oregon.

I truly believe the country deserves better than what George Bush is providing, and I am committed to finding a new direction here in Congress. Our Democratic leaders made clear, as did virtually all our new successful candidates, that we were running to regain control of Congress and change the direction of the country.

While we will hold the president, vice president, and their administration accountable, we will not indulge in an impeachment process for an administration on its way out the door.

The practical matter is that given the rules of the Senate, there is no way that an impeachment process would lead to the removal of the President or Vice President. Instead, it would create a media circus that would detract from our mission of reversing the policies (both domestic and international) of what the public continues to see as a failing presidency.

While there is a part of me that would love to see this President publicly admonished by the Congress, I feel the American people have done that in terms of their votes in the 2006 elections.

If I were Karl Rove I would like nothing better than an impeachment process that wouldn't go anywhere to distract people from the very real failures of this administration in Iraq, with the economy, with the environment, with the ethics of this administration, and with civil liberties.

Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress (Oregon, 3d District)

For more information on my work in Congress and to sign up to receive electronic updates about these and other matters, please visit my website at  http://blumenauer.house.gov.
impeachment effort focus 28.Nov.2006 23:53

flash mob meister

Our impeachment efforts should focus upon getting Earl to follow Congressman David Wu's example. David Wu has endorsed impeachment.

Good post Barbara!! Impeach AND Bring the Troops Home!! 29.Nov.2006 08:14


As you know, Brian Greer is speaking in front of City Council on the dire need for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney this morning at 9am, and there is a special CC meeting tomorrow afternoon to herald the proposal and/or adoption of Leonard's resolution to bing the troops home. We met with Leonard's staff to try to urge the melding of these two very important efforts to stop the needless death and destruction under Bush and Cheney and to usher in a new period of holding the GOP accountable for past and future injustice.

Leonard posted on Blue Oregon the other day on the Resolution, and I responded urging City Council to take the next logical and essential step...to stand tall and call for the impeachment of the entire Bush Administration. See  http://www.blueoregon.com/2006/11/withdraw_our_tr.html, and notice the veteran's post near the bottom!! My initial post included the four Raw Story segments on the abuse of veterans by the GOP run Congress and the Bush Administration... I will post here for readers' convenience...

Good luck today!!


Nov 26, 2006 11:00:44 PM

Great gesture, Commissioner Leonard!! Thank you!!

However, the question remains...bring the troops home to what?! ...fighting the Bush Administration for their benefits?? ...fighting against the redefinition of PTSD as a Personality Disorder, thereby limiting disability benefit coverage much like "pre-existing conditions" enable the insurance industry to skirt coverage?? Read up and do the right thing, please...

 link to www.rawstory.com
 link to www.rawstory.com
 link to www.rawstory.com
 link to www.rawstory.com

Why not go to the source of the lies, the source of the deceptions that have led to the rape of Iraq, the decimation of the international reputation of America, the hundreds of thousands of deaths at the direction of a madman, and that have ravaged the national and the local economies?? Why not support what we have been urging City Council to do for the past 7 months, which you know is less symbolic than the "Bring the Troops Home" initiative...adopt the Resolution of Impeachment against Bush and Cheney!!

I realize that it might seem unnecessary now that the Democrats have majorities in both houses of Congress, but the Troops resolution should be part of the Impeachment resolution, for its effect and effectiveness (standing alone), with the GOP-led federal government so openly hostile to veterans' issues, is very symbolic and limited.

If this is a first step toward your support of a Resolution of Impeachment, my apologies and kudos to you. If not, and this very tardy effort at supporting the anti-war movement is all that you have the nerve to support...shame on you, and shame on the rest of the City Council and Mayor Potter! You are all violating your oaths of office to support the Constitution of the United States.

jail blumenauer with bush 29.Nov.2006 09:10

johanna the baptista

Blumenauer shows his liquid spine in all this and should be replaced. this is an outrage. bush is the most dangerous person living on planet earth and may yet be responsible for the death of the planet and all of it's inhabitants and this lackey that thank goddess i didn't vote for is playing politics with our survival. it is the obligation of the legislative branch of government to remove anyone responsible for high crimes and treason and as there was no crime left undone by the killers that are still planning on igniting armegeddon with an attack on iran, impeachment is the legal obligation of these spinless money grubbing ass licking politicians. perhaps blumenauer is part of the plan, perhaps as a supporter of israel he supports the attack on iran. he deserves no less than the blood of a thousand pigs left on his doorstep. this is disgusting. write the bastard, phone his office, perhaps a picket should be arranged in front of his office every day to get the message across that we are not going to support someone who does not represent us.

This is not about loving to admonish the president 29.Nov.2006 12:42

Wake up

The battle is about framing the impeachment issue. Here, B. is trying to frame imeachment as some trivial--as a mere desire to "admonish the president", which he assures he would love to do but ..blah blah blah. Here is some history folks want to forget-- Nixon only had two years left when he was impeached and the Congress took a risk to impeach a president who actually won in a landslide election just two years earlier.

Here is a message for B and the rest of the Democrats--Impeachment is about protecting the Constitution and holding this president accountable for his abuses. It is about sending a message to this president and the presidents that follow that they are not above the law and will be kicked out of office if they engage in actions that treat the Constitution as nothing more than a scrap of paper. Impeachment is about the Constitution, not about a personal dislike of Bush. Impeachment is an act of courage.

Here is the deeper message for the Democrats in Congress: The Impeachment movement is really about Congress and we are demanding that the people elected to Congress do their primary job, which is to protect and defend the Constitution. Their job is not about getting reelected. And they should not be fooled by 2006. This was not a victory for the Democrats. It was a message taht the sleeping giant--the American Voters--have woken up. the majority of Americans support impeachment if the President lied about Iraq (and the evidenced that he did is overwhelming). Note to Democrats: they will all be thrown out if they do not impeach Bush.