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It's official...Sowa is out

Clackamas County Commissioner Larry Sowa concedes.
Clackamas county citizens have officially voted in Democrat Lynn Peterson, thus ending the political career of Larry Sowa. Ms. Peterson won by 1,278 votes. Sowa was quoted as saying he would not challenge the vote. "The thing's over with. I'm retiring." And so it goes.

My hope is that Ms. Peterson will be a little more connected when citizens come to the board with their concerns. The day we sat before Mr. Sowa and spoke about Fouad Kaady, I was struck by his appalling lack of interest. He let us fill our time, but I did not see that anything we said went past his desk. We, of course, knew that nothing dramatic would come from our meeting, but common courtesy would dictate that he at least acknowledge our concerns.
Nice! 28.Nov.2006 20:58


Maybe the animals in Clackamas County will fare better with this as*hole out of office.....

mug shot 28.Nov.2006 22:04


Here is one last publicity shot for the nemesis of Clacko Co