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CLDC: Green Scare day of remembrance

Dear Friends:

As most of you know, next week will mark the one year "anniversary" of the federal government's "Operation Backfire," the largest federal round up of environmental and animal rights activists who are charged with acts of property damage or sabotage motivated by concerns for the environment and animal suffering. Please see our website, www.cldc.org for more information. There will be "days of remembrance" across the country on or around December 7th commemorating the date when the first round of individuals were jailed.
In Eugene, the community will be gathering on Dec. 3rd at 8pm at Sam Bonds Garage,
407 Blair Blvd, in the heart of Green Scare country. Other events are posted on
www.greenscare.org. If there is no event planned in your community, consider
organizing one yourself! Ideas include films, rallies, a bike ride, potluck,
whatever--simply a time and place to reflect on the struggles and strength that we
as a larger community have endured over the last several years.

And, although the Oregon Green Scare case may be at a slow simmer at this point, the
final sentencing proceeding are yet to be scheduled. The sentencing hearing is the
time when the judge rules upon the actual punishment (jail and fines) that each
defendant shall receive. These hearings will be discussed and possibly scheduled at
a status hearing set for December 14th in Eugene federal court. Our website will
keep you posted on what is determined at that time.

Additionally, let's not forget that Briana Waters is still set for a jury trial
sometime in May, 2007 in Washington federal court in Tacoma, WA. Her attorneys have
filed their own NSA wiretap motions with the government response due within the next
week or so. Many will be interested to know that the NSA/Green Scare legal challenge
will continue in the federal courts. We will be posting Briana's motion in the next
day or two so check back.

Unfortunately, Briana stands alone pending this trial because the remainder of her
codefendants, Lacey Philabaum, Jenifer Kolar, and Kevin Tubbs have been coerced
into becoming federal informants; though Justin Solondz and Josephine Overaker
have not been hailed into court yet.

And finally, let's not forget that the feds have not given any of their agents pink
slips yet. The FBI continues to investigate and harass the activist community and
with their time freed up in the Oregon case, there are concerns that their focus may
shift to other areas or activists.

If your community would like to schedule a know your rights training, email us at
 info@cldc.org and we will do our best to get you this vital information.

That's all for now. Peace,

The Civil Liberties Defense Center
Lauren C. Regan, Attorney at Law
Executive Director
259 East 5th Avenue, Suite 300A
Eugene, Oregon 97401
541.687.9180 phone
541.686.2137 fax

WARNING: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have
read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any
judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call
for the impeachment of the current President.