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The Downside of ‘Liberation Democracy’

A recent study highlighting the rapid expansion of organised criminal activity in those areas where NATO and the U.S. have engaged in aggressive military intervention offers further evidence of the lasting negative social consequences of foreign occupation by neo-colonial powers. As corporate driven America attempts to assert its dominance over weaker nations, organised crime, quick to exploit traumatised societies, becomes the principal beneficiary in the 'war against terror' and the spread of 'democracy, liberty' and free market capitalism - what is good for capitalist America is even better for a crime boss!
Unhampered by public opinion or the burden of propping up illusions of 'freedom and liberty', Balkan and Middle Eastern criminal groups are having a field day; they have learnt to expertly ride the wave of American military expansionism. Never before have so many criminal groups made so much money in such a short period of time. Criminal syndicates have taken to drinking toasts to western democracy and the free market economy while local populations experience continued hardship and escalating death tolls.

The alarming increase of organised criminal activity is directly related to western military expansionism. Iraq and the Balkans stand as testimonies to American greed and aggression; these two recently invaded and occupied nations/regions offer the clearest examples of the social pollution and destruction that occurs in the wake of American militarism.

The negative social consequences of Capitalist economies are known to analysts and others familiar with the two primary criminal aspects of Capitalism, theft and exploitation ("profit" is the common euphemism). It is little wonder that major criminal organisations favour free markets and capitalist systems. With the exception of a few minor legal distinctions, Corporate Capitalists and Organised Crime follow similar principles! It is only a question of degree that distinguishes one from the other - legality becomes a diminishing argument as criminal governments alter the Laws to suit themselves, as has clearly been demonstrated by the criminal Bush, Blair and Howard regimes!

A common characteristic of both State and non-state organised crime is the ruthless elimination of ANYTHING that would prevent the appropriation of wealth. The Iraq experience furnishes unambiguous proof of the violent appropriation tactics of America and its few allies. The plunder of another nation's resources at any cost is undeniable; the Lancet figures of 665,000 Iraqi deaths directly related to the invasion identifies the invaders as ruthless criminals - innocent civilians constitute the vast majority of deaths!

Callous disregard for the sanctity of human life is a characteristic criminal behaviour known to criminologists and psychologists. Refusal by the leaders of the coalition to acknowledge the cost in human lives and suffering for their illegal appropriation of oil only exacerbates their crimes. Ruthlessness and callousness is characteristic of today's State and non-state criminal milieus. Smaller but highly efficient crime syndicates find it a simple matter to follow the lead of the larger State criminal organisations/milieus.

Perhaps the greater tragedy today is the apathetic attitude of people who are temporarily spared the horror, tragedy and suffering of invasive warfare. Regardless of attempts by the mass media to demonise the 'other' and desensitise our response to the horror inflicted for the sake of plunder, the fact remains that the 'other' is us, we are all common to the species, we are ONE whether we like it or not and there is nothing the corporate media can do to alter that reality.

We are all diminished by every injustice we allow; the death of innocent children and other innocents affects us all. Whatever we do to another we do to ourselves, it is our common humanity that suffers.

When our sons and daughters are reduced to compromising their integrity (what integrity?) in order to survive; when basic foods become scarce and costly and WE no longer feel safe walking down the street, then take a good look in the mirror and repeat the following: "I am a cringing coward and deserve everything I get for allowing criminals to remain in government". Please feel free to add to the refrain as circumstances deteriorate!

The reality is that Iraq is a window to our common future if we fail to act for the good of all. Take a long look at a future of 'might is right', mob rule, chaos and violent criminals taking charge - this is a guaranteed future if we fail to arrest the criminals responsible for the most horrific crime of the 21st century. It is imperative that the mass murderers Bush, Blair and Howard are held accountable for their crimes and the hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths they are directly responsible for.

Today, Bush and crew find their most fervent supporters in the garish gold and diamond jewellery clad gangsters of the Balkans and the Middle East. Criminal activity in Iraq surpasses insurgent activity, but you won't hear that on the 7 o'clock news - it's all about 'terrorism' and the justification of murdered innocents.

Criminals must be removed from all government positions and replaced with real representatives of the people; a government of the people for the people would necessarily act in the interests of the majority not in the interests of Corporate criminals, as is the case today. Perhaps it would be helpful to repeat the refrain, "I am a cringing coward and deserve everything I get for allowing criminals to remain in government", repeat it often while staring at pictures of Bush, Blair and Howard - should we delay the arrest of these pathetic criminal lackeys?

If we fail to act we have an appropriate expression down under, "pay through the nose", which I hope clearly delivers the message of a very heavy and painful cost.

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