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New Anti-H.R. blog

"Human Recourses (Ree-Kor-Sez) is real and straight talk about work, jobs, wage slavery, unions, the guvmint, employers, and other topics related to the real world of employment. As an antidote to the company line, and the synchopants that seem to tow it in governments and union bureaucracies, we will attempt in earnest to simply call bullshit; and provide some insight on what to do about it..."
There are a shit load of websites and blogs dedicated to the plight of making sense of the workplace. Most of the scientific data is written by and for employers and HR folks. A handful are written by union people. Little of it is comprehensible by people who can't handle technical industrial paychology/HR jargon, or have a thin skin for the regurgitated union party line on everything (as in "your bossman sucks, or how the Democrats are going to save us from the Resmuglicans). I've taken the time to study and apply some of this stuff, and want to pass it on.


homepage: homepage: http://humanrecourses.blogspot.com/