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pics from the fights in Oaxaca

Offensive by the Federal Preventive Police Against the People of Oaxaca
Confrontation Continues Between the Police and the APPO in Different Parts of the City
A large number of people are reported detained in various parts of the city. At least two deaths are the result of the confrontation (as of 9:33). Many wounded. On  http://vientos.info/cml/?q=node/6916 is reported that detainees are tortured by police, quote: ("23:16 Amapolas 1429 is where they are torturing people. They planted drugs on them and they're still torturing them today.")

The federal police began, around 5pm, to attack the members of the APPO that were peacefully demonstration in the areas around the zocalo. These aggressions caused the conflict that is still continuing between the police and the members of the APPO and its supporters.

The streets of the historic center area battle ground and the federal police began to discharge fire arms against the protesters about an hour ago. The ministerial police of the state of Oaxaca and the federal preventative forces are investigating in order to apprehend in some part of the city, such as in el Llano, Crespo street and the market Central de Abastos as well as in other parts.

Approximately 40 people are reported detained, 20 of them women. There are various injured people, one of whom is gravely hurt.

Up until now we have the information that two compañeros have lost their lives due to the aggressions, although their identities have not been confirmed.

At the moment the offices of exterior relations (immigration) that are located in Pino Suarez and the offices of the police that are located in Juarez Avenue are on fire.

The Federal Preventive Police together with the state police have unleashed an offensive against the social movement of Oaxaca. The confrontations have arrived to the area around ADO (a bus station) and the hospital IMSS which is located in the street Ninos Heroes.

The APPO has information that because of these recent events the Mexican Army is in Maximum Alert.

Santo Domingo, headquarters of the APPO's planton (camps in the city's center) has been removed by the federal police after being taken over by them.

Faced with this offensive against the people and in order to avoid more bloodshed the APPO has decided to retreat.

We demand the punishment of Felipe Calderón, Vicente Fox, Ulises Ruiz for this massacre that is being carried out against the people of Oaxaca.

We call to all of the peoples of Mexico and of the World to carry out mobilizations demanding that this aggression ends.

Punish the murders
Freedom to political prisoners
Long live the heroic people of Oaxaca


SOURCE: The Other Oaxaca
November 25, 2006

correct url for narconews 26.Nov.2006 20:09


not .org

the poor pacifists 27.Nov.2006 00:22


they're probably shaking their heads in condemnation of all those Oaxacans fighting the federales.

one poor pacifist 27.Nov.2006 07:21

shaking her head

at the DEATHS of the people at the hands of the Federales

well, dex 27.Nov.2006 21:55


while you're busy celebrating violence, you're forgetting that the oaxacans began this struggle as one that was intentionally unarmed. I'm certain that they are not overjoyed to be using violent means, and they certainly didn't initiate them.