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Victoria's Secret rally in Eugene ambushed by security because of media tip

On Friday, November 24, the busiest shopping day of the year (also called "Buy Nothing Day"), over a dozen members of Cascadia Forest Defenders and the UO's Forest Action held a protest rally at the Victoria's Secret store in the Valley River Center in Eugene, to call attention to Victoria's Secret's practice of mailing out over 1 million catalogs a day, amounting to 300 trees cut daily from the world's endangered forests, such as the Boreal forest of Canada and Siberia. Some of the protesters were scantily clad in lingerie, some held recycled cardboard chainsaws and cut-out trees, while others held signs saying "How many trees died for your panties?" "A million catalogs a day cut from old growth forests".. "Victoria's Dirty Secret: 300 trees a day sent to landfill for catalogs."

Due to a tip from the media, almost a dozen private security officers and one Eugene police officer were waiting at the Victoria's Secret store at noon to stop the legal protest before it happened. Reporter Josh Schlossberg from the Forest Voice newspaper, a publication of the Native Forest Council, who was present during the rally, was told by security to stop videotaping and was prevented from taking photographs, upon threat of removal from the mall. When Schlossberg asked security if this ban on taking photographs applied to every customer in the mall, security assured him it did.

Cascadia Forest Defenders and Forest Action regrouped on the sidewalk beside a busy intersection outside the Valley River Center in the pouring rain, with their cut-out chainsaws, signs, a banner ("American Hyper-consuming is killing us and the Earth's life support systems"), dressed in skimpy lingerie, and handing out 100% recycled postcards and flyers to passersby for the next hour.

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Video and Reportback for Portland Fur Free Friday, 2006

November 24, 2006, in downtown Portland Oregon about 150 people took to the streets to bring attention to the gross cruelty involved in the fur industry. The protest was organized by the Portland chapter of In Defense of Animals, who this day celebrate a one year educational protest of Schumacher Furs. Beginning with a rally here at Schumacher Firs at 9th and SW Morrison, the gathering then toured various fur establishments or shops who sell items made with or adorned with animal fur.

Stops were made at Nicholas Ungar Firs, Sacs Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms, where Matt Rossell, of In Defense of Animals, spoke of the incredible cruelty and callousness involved in the raising, killing and skinning of these animals. In an interview before the march began, Matt said that this torture is, "all about fashion and vanity, and needs to end."

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Fur hag with a question
Fur hag with a question