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Victoria's Secret rally ambushed by security because of media tip

Victoria's Secret sends out 1 million catalogs a day (300 trees) cut from the endangered forests of the world.
Victoria's Secret protester
Victoria's Secret protester
On Friday, November 24, the busiest shopping day of the year (also called "Buy Nothing Day"), over a dozen members of Cascadia Forest Defenders and the UO's Forest Action held a protest rally at the Victoria's Secret store in the Valley River Center in Eugene, to call attention to Victoria's Secret's practice of mailing out over 1 million catalogs a day, amounting to 300 trees cut daily from the world's endangered forests, such as the Boreal forest of Canada and Siberia.

Some of the protesters were scantily clad in lingerie, some held recycled cardboard chainsaws and cut-out trees, while others held signs saying "How many trees died for your panties?" "A million catalogs a day cut from old growth forests" "You don't have to cut trees to sell your panties" and "Victoria's Dirty Secret: 300 trees a day sent to landfill for catalogs."

Due to a tip from the media (none of whom were present during the rally), almost a dozen private security officers and one Eugene police officer were waiting at the Victoria's Secret store at noon to stop the legal protest before it happened. Before the protesters had even handed out any information or took out any props, they were told leave the premises immediately, without explanation.

One of the protesters was briefly detained by police who required him to show his ID, threatening him with arrest for criminal tresspass. Upon leaving, this individual was notified that he is banned from the Valley River Center for 3 years.

At least 3 other individuals not associated with the forest groups were questioned by security and police, threatened with arrest for criminal trespass and eventually removed from the Valley River Center.

Reporter Josh Schlossberg from the Forest Voice newspaper, a publication of the Native Forest Council, who was present during the rally, was told by security to stop videotaping and was prevented from taking photographs, upon threat of removal from the mall. When Schlossberg asked security if this ban on taking photographs applied to every customer in the mall, security assured him it did. When Schlossberg noticed a customer taking a photograph with their cell phone, he notified security, who then promptly demanded Schlossberg leave the Valley River Center, without speaking to the other customer. Schlossberg and the individuals who were removed from the VRC were followed by security vehicles until they left the premises.

Cascadia Forest Defenders and Forest Action regrouped on the sidewalk beside a busy intersection outside the Valley River Center in the pouring rain, with their cut-out chainsaws, signs, a banner ("American Hyper-consuming is killing us and the Earth's life support systems"), dressed in skimpy lingerie, and handing out 100% recycled postcards and flyers to passersby for the next hour.

Members of the group also assisted an individual whose car had died by helping him push it out of traffic to safety.

Sources including the U.N., NASA and World Resources Insitute claim
deforestation to contribute between 18-50% of manmade carbon emissions
released into the atmosphere. Victoria's Secret, through their wasteful
practices of sending out 1 million catalogs a day cut from the worlds' endangered forests, is a major contributor to global climate change.

Cascadia Forest Defenders, UO's Forest Action and Forest Ethics (www.victoriasdirtysecret.net) are asking that Victoria's Secret begin using tree-free (hemp/kenaf) or 100% recycled paper in their catalogs, not to mention simply sending out less catalogs.

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org

junk catalogs 24.Nov.2006 17:14


Not to mention all of the other catalogs that show up in my mailbox this time of year...God forbid I order something online, next thing I know my mailbox is full of catalogs that I never ordered. Multiply that by however many people live in one's community and ponder how many of these catalogs end up in the landfill. It freakin' boggles the mind.

You Did Good! 24.Nov.2006 18:17

: )

CFD: you guys made a valiant attempt to inform the public, too bad a media informant interfered with your plans. Hats off to all who participated and all who assisted. Keep up your dedication. We have several stores in the Portland area you can visit.

thanks 24.Nov.2006 19:01

for the protest

also not known to many is that the majority of Victoria Secret underwear is manufactured with Israeli textiles. Don't support the ISRAELI WAR CRIMES.


d 24.Nov.2006 19:12


Valley River Center? Is that a mall? If so, you may have the legal right to free speech expression there. A few years back the Oregon Supreme Court ruled against initiative petitioners from petitioning in malls. However that is somewhat different as petitioners are getting paid. The US Supreme Court has said that malls have become gathering places for the public and therefore free speech must be allowed, though the mall owners can set some parameters of it.

If anyone is better informed, please post

hmmm 24.Nov.2006 19:20


Yeah, they may be able to take legal action if their rights were violated. Check with a lawyer!

remember... 24.Nov.2006 20:06

this thing here

all discussions of future protests on the internet by activists on sites such as this are monitored by security forces.

cell phones and e-mail are monitored, too.

it is simply not possible to keep anything a secret on the internet or over cell phones. if you don't care if the po po knows, then go ahead and shout it loud and clear on the internet.

but if surprise is a key element of any action, face to face planning meetings, or land line phone calls, are really the only way.

big brother watches 24.Nov.2006 20:18

che's pitbull x mastiff

all discussions of future protests on the internet by activists on sites such as this are monitored by security forces.

cell phones and e-mail are monitored, too.

it is simply not possible to keep anything a secret on the internet or over cell phones. wouldn't put much faith in land lines either. and of course beware of plants in face to face meetings and surveillance at demos.

not to be paranoid. there are'nt enuf black helicopters and camps to go around. we vastly outnumber them. they will fall like a house of cards.

Dont be fooled 24.Nov.2006 22:41


"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a world."

prisoners making lacey undies 24.Nov.2006 22:58

cell block A

In the book "Are Prisons Obsolete" by Angela Davis she also writes that a lot of Victoria's Secret is being made by prisoners in the good 'ole US of A, continuing the grand tradition of slave labor...



Many times Junk mailers and solicitations will send you a Postage Paid Envelope or Toll Free number to call and every time you use that free service they pay. So on their dime or quarter or dollar (to process that info) you can tell them to STOP SENDING YOU THEIR JUNK (SHIT) MAIL (or maybe you can be a little more tactful than that).

I have reduced my junk mail solicitations by 95% over the last several years and it cost them even more money to meet your demands.

pass it on but not too public for them to catch on.

forest defenders 26.Nov.2006 18:54


This posting reminds me of some admirable tendencies that forest defenders have in general. They live frugally, sometimes communally. They carpool and use alternative transport. They patch their clothes, glean food from dumpsters and eschew needless luxury. In short, they consume far less than the average American and are a lot easier on the Earth. Thanks.

in california, they don't have to pay for security 29.Nov.2006 18:18


at similar protests in california, the police surviel, and show up in force.
they shoot videos for attractive female protestors on the taxpayer's dime -
see santacruz indy archive on same topic.