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ATHENS, GREECE: Demonstration commemorating 1973 uprising, attacked by police

November 17th is commemorated annually as the day of the student uprising against the military junta in Greece, in 1973. In the weeks leading to this year's demonstrations mass media had been creating an atmosphere of fear, in a concious attempt to limit the public's participation to them. Contrary to their efforts and predictions, the demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki were amongst the largest of their kind in recent years.

In Athens, even before the demonstration had started, tens of people were detained (80-100 are reported) in a fine example of the police's "pre-emptive detentions" tactic. However, the people at the head of the demo refused to start marching unless all the detainees were freed. The government's repression units launched an unprovoked attack against the block of Athens' Anti-Authoritarian Movement. They surrounded both the anarchist and the Anti-authtoritarian Movement blocks and attacked viciously. It is speculated that 46 people were detained at that point. Policemen shoot Flare Rocket at injured demonstrator --[video] -- |Witness Report from the Hilton block | Student severely beaten by undercover policemen, right after the 17N demonstration | photos of members of the of the Youth of the Sosial(democratic) Party, armed with bats and helmets, clashing with other demonstrators

MPEG video of flare rocket being shot at demonstrator by police

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