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Economic Values and Impending Collapse

Foreboding has hit the ranks of private equity firms; try as they might to unload vast amounts of funds (monetary value is inextricably linked to the movement of those funds) they have been unable to spend/invest at a rate that would sustain value let alone increase real profits! The 'healthy figures' reflecting increased acquisitions/investments are on paper only - it 'looks good' at the moment!
The absurdly high figures (trillions of dollars) concentrated in the hands of the few indicate the global economy is fast approaching financial saturation. Real and easily translatable returns/profits are becoming increasingly more difficult to 'realise' as bloated markets begin to sway and stagger from the weight of concentrated funds and a glut of overcapitalised players. The beginning of the end of Capitalism is indicated! Nothing outside of major military conflict (war) would be able to reverse the current trend and inevitable collapse. The 'value' of money and other value attributed 'objects' is about to evaporate.

Prudent citizens have begun to divest from fragile markets and turn to real value investments such as productive land, real estate, food production, water management and energy technologies - REAL VALUE objects in other words. However, it should be stressed that those investments must be DIRECT investments; the elimination of third parties eg, fund managers, agents, middlemen etc, is imperative if losses are to be avoided.

Today, speculative investments, stock markets etc, constitute financial suicide, value attributed objects such as gold, diamonds, currency, stocks, bonds, shares, etc, are to be avoided 'at all costs'.

Sustainable communities, based on mutual co-operation and mutual support, offer the optimum survival solution. Recent storm activity (Katrina) has exposed the inadequate response of nations in situations requiring an immediate, organised, remedial response. Regardless of the well-known ineptitudes of the Bush regime, the fact remains that nations present as the most fragile and inefficient of all social organisations, not the least reason being that these societies are based on competitive rather than co-operative individual and family units.

The formation of a network of working communities in urban, regional and rural environments based on mutual assistance and the free exchange of resources, which each community is able to offer the other, provides the optimum social network in the present age of criminal leadership, instability and economic uncertainty. Complete self-sufficiency should be the realistic goal of each networked community.

Mutually supportive communities also provide an alternative to mainstream economic slavery. It becomes extremely problematic for activists and others opposed to the status quo to demonstrate/resist one day then work for the mainstream the next; viable alternative communities not only offer a haven but also oppose mainstream superimposed 'realities' by virtue of their existence.

The resilience and high survival rating of mutually supportive and co-operative communities is evident in the most dire of circumstances. After decades of ethnic cleansing and genocidal tactics by Israel and the recent morally deplorable attacks on South Lebanon, attacked communities IMMEDIATELY respond and begin to rebuild -- the criminal use of cluster-bomb weaponry notwithstanding. [It should be noted that we refer to the community model NOT the Islamist ideology.] Communities do not require religionist impositions or any other doctrinaire ideological impositions to form or function - the principal characteristics of all successful communities are MUTUAL SUPPORT AND MUTUAL CO-OPERATION.

Communities have proved themselves to be the most agreeable, efficient and successful social organisations in history.

We are ONE