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green scare

Dec 9th Portland Green Scare Benifit Event

In accord the the Dec 7th "International Day of Solidarity with Green Scare Inditees, Detainees and Political Prisoners" being held on the aniversary of the first "Operation Backfire" arrests. Supports of Green Scare defendents present the following event.
"Liberating Dissent: Refusing to be Silenced"
A benifit for non-cooperating Green Scare defendents and grand jury resistance.

Saturday Dec 9th
Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy, Portland OR)
$7-$100 recommended sliding scale donation
(all money goes to legal support for noncooperating green scare defenedents and grand jury resistancee)

Music by:
The Rag and Bone Men
Shickey Gnarawitz
Drunken Boat
Nux Vomica

Speaches by:
Paul Loney- attorney to Jeff Hogg (grand jury resister who was imprisoned from May - Nov of 2006)
More speakers TBA
Updates on the Green Scare, Shac 7, Grand jury resistance and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Also lots of Vegan food for sale and Vegan Bake Sale

for more information contact  destroycreate@gmail.com
fore more information on the greenscare go to www.greenscare.org, www.cldc.org, www.fbiwitchhunt.com

Flyers to be posted online soon!