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FERC Public Comments on Klamath Extended to Dec 1st!

People who want to speak or write to FERC to demand the decommissioning of Pacificorp's lower four Klamath Dams have two locations for spoken word comments and until Dec. 1st for written comments.
Time for written comments on Klamath to FERC extended to Dec. 1st, also two additional locations for spoken word comment;

North Bend Community Center
2222 Broadway Street
North Bend, Oregon
Nov. 29, 7-10 PM

Shilo Inn
536 SW Elizabeth
Newport, Oregon
Nov. 30, 7-10 PM

Summary: FERC staff will conduct a public meeting for the Klamath Hydroelectric Project. (P-2082-027)(Newport, Oregon)

Description: All interested parties are invited to attend.

Contact : John Mudre
Contact Telephone : 202-502-8902
866-208-3372 Toll Free
202-502-8659 TTY
Registration :
Contact Email :  john.mudre@ferc.gov

FERC calendar;
 link to www.ferc.gov

background on Klamath dams @;

This from the Riverkeepers;

"Klamath Dams Need to Go

The River then goes through a series of dams and diversions that pollute the water and cause it to stagnate, before winding into the steep wild canyons of the mid-Klamath. These dams, which are owned by Pacific Power, block all migrating fish and cause toxic alga that are dangerous to humans and animals, and warm the water. These dams are up for renewal, which gives us a rare opportunity that only happens every fifty years, to remove these fish killing dams. All tribes and environmental groups that work on the Klamath are working to remove these dams."

Please attend public comments and/or write and tell FERC that their DEIS for the Klamath dams in not adequate for protecting migratory salmon, lamprey, sturgeon etc.. from the toxic algae in the reservoirs, trap and haul won't work!!

Rogue imc calendar;
 link to protest.net

PS - Recommend snail mail for written comments as FERC website is reported as difficult to navigate.