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1122 Get This

Summary of the KBOO am news for Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006.
11/22/06 Get This
sui generis

1. 1.Poverty Makes You Rich! Hundreds of poor Oregonians are even poorer thanks to payday loan company's predatory instincts. Fortunately, in the nick of time, yet another report on the problem is out... Turns out, payday loan and car title loan shops are soaking the Down and Out...
2. In Salem, Barbara Bush is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the MedAssist program of Marion and Polk counties. "So that works out well for the."
3. Plan B, the over-the-counter morning-after pill will be available in Oregon. (Which means that if you have unprotected and perhaps under the influence sex, you could theoretically have yourself med-evaced to a pharmacy to pick up the pill and if the pharmacy refused to sell it to you on religious grounds, you could drop objects on it at the helicopter took off for another pharmacy... .But you don't need me to tell you this... )
4. Thirty-seven percent of US births took place without the benefits, hazards and emotional baggage of traditional marriage.
5. Nursing mothers converged on the Portland airport and airports across the country yesterday morning to nurse their babies in public to protest the fact that Plan B wasn't available a year ago... Kidding! Just kidding... .They were protesting the Delta attendant that refused to let a woman nurse her baby on a cross-country flight.
6. Your Call Is Very Important To Us: Seattle has installed suicide hot lines on the Aurora Bridge, a popular spot for brody-takers. Trouble is, is that people who tried calling the hot line were put on hold... (Yes, but is the recorded on-hold music 'Bolero'?)
7. Muslim clerics returning from a Muslim/American understanding conference were removed from their US Air flight to Minneapolis from Phoenix. A passenger who observed them praying before boarding the flight handed a note to the flight attendant who had the men detained. (I don't know of anyone who wouldn't pray before boarding a US air flight. Even atheists report, 'deathbed conversions'...
8. Bed, Bath and Way, Way Beyond: Conservatives are protesting Wal-Mart because it isn't conservative enough. Apparently the megashop donated money to a couple gay rights organizations...
9. Plan C: More than seventy House lawmakers are urging Amnesty International to reject a proposal that would end its neutral position on abortion and instead support the termination of pregnancies when women are victims of rape or other violence. (Great! And while they are at it, lets get an over-the-counter 'Rape Trap'. That's the invention of a South African doctor. The woman wears the device 'internally' and after it has been deployed, it must be 'surgically removed' from the male aggressor who meets up with it... Let your imagination run wild, rapists!)
10. In New Orleans, the Board overseeing the City Public Defenders Office, has been ordered to hire more attorneys to represent the thousands of impoverished prisoners being held in the tank since before the hurricanes. (On the other hand, they are still alive, "So that works out well for them." Thank you Barbara Bush; The fruit cake is on its way... )
11. When three cops came to the door of a 92 year-old Atlanta woman, she did what the NRA wants all: don't ask questions. Just shoot the fuckers. So she did. Unfortunately she forgot the rest of the NRA's sage advice3 which is, Make sure you kill them. The cops were only wounded and managed to kill the not-so-frail grandmother.
12. Democrats and Republicans can't agree on the cost of the illegal phone-jamming the GOP used to skew elections in New Hampshire. They are about $4 million dollars apart on coming to some sort of agreement...
13. Blue Dog Day Afternoon: The Democrats appear unlikely to contest the Robert 'Call Me Mr. Contra' Gates Secretary of Defense nomination.
14. Federal prosecutors have asked an appeals court to reinstate a key "terrorism" charge against alleged al-Qaeda operative. Jose Padilla. Prosecutors say that the judge erred in finding that it duplicated other counts in the same indictment, which means that... Are you following this?
15. The UN - low-balling it once again - says that 3,709 Iraqi civilians were killed in October. Remember that's just the bodies that actually showed up at the overflowing morgues.
16. Bush an Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki are meeting next week in Jordan. Anything to get out of Baghdad, eh, Nouri?
17. The Israeli group, Peace Now has found documents that provide irrefutable proof that over a third of the Jewish settlement in the West Bank are built on privately owned Palestinian land. The Israel government response? 'Refute This!' as fire another mortar round at settlements in the Gaza Strip...
18. In the D.R. Congo supporters of Jean-Pierre Bemba unhappy with the result's of their country's fraud-riddled election, burnt the court house down. So that about settles it...
19. The Red Cross has suspended operations in the Gaza Strip after two of its staff were briefly abducted but just before they were briefly killed.
20. Israeli ground troops, tanks and armored vehicles advanced on two Northern Gaza towns today, apparently not having read #17 above.
21. Lebanon cancelled Independence Day. We assume Christmas is still a Go.
22. In Britain, drivers who get stopped by the police (Which rarely happens because of the prevalence of European performance cars and the fact the cops ride bicycles... ) are going to be fingerprinted as soon as they hit the 'Chunnel'
23. A Mexican reporter for a weekly investigative crime magazine was killed yesterday.
24. The Cabinet of Dr. Calderone: For the most part it's refugees from the world banking community and former spooks and stooges from the US.
25. A BBC journalist went missing yesterdays after visiting the Pakistani capital. Too bad; the countryside is so lovely this time of year...
26. A teenager in Michigan build a nuclear fusion device in his basement, but you don't see president Bush demanding that the UN sanction Michigan... not till after the Super Bowl anyway.

Love the Daily Updates! 22.Nov.2006 15:17

Joe Anybody & Ben Waiting

Appreciate Your Efforts "sui generis"