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Systematic Abuse of Cats & Dogs in Bulgaria

Recent letter to Supreme Prosecutor of Bulgaria concerning inadequate behaviour of Minister Nihat Kabil, Mayor Boyko Borissov and popular German SPCA

Emil Kuzmanov
18 Yanko Sofiiski Voivoda Str.
1164 Sofia

Mr Boris Veltchev
Supreme Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria

Sofia, Oktober 23 2006

Dear Supreme Prosecutor,

Concerning institutions and organizations with inadequate behaiviour about the reproduction and movenent of the pet animals:

I. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
According to the Veterinary Act, the National Veterinary Service/NVS is directly subordinated to the Minister of the Agriculture and Foresry. On 17 February 2006 in the "Particular case" program on the National TV, Ass. Prof. Dr Paskal Zheliazkov, Deputy Director of NVS said that his institution has no financial and human resources for the implication of the strict registration of the dogs in Bulgaria and control over breeding, trade and aqusition of the cats and dogs. On 11 October in the "12+3" program on the National Radio Dr Zheliazkov said, that recently 260 employees of the NVS were sacked according to the Minister's Nihat Kabil order. Dr Zheliazkov explained, that in every regional VMS, there is one appointed inspector, who controls farm animals, veterinary-medical mediacations et.c. Despite of the obvious crisis with the both cat and dog populations, despite my numerous participations in the media since 2002, despite of my two letters (2003 and 2004) to Minister Mehmed Dikme, the implication of the Law in this area have been constantly ignored by the Ministers of the Agriculture and Forestry for years.

II. Municipality of Sofia and Tierhilfe Sueden
(1) Municipality of Sofia
Since 1998 the yearly budget of the Municipality for dog sheltering has been about 500,000 Leva. Untill 2006 there were three municipal shelters - "Lozenetc", "Vrazhdebna" and "Miroviane". The Municipality
uses only the first one, the second one is given to the National Foundation for the Protection of Animals, and the third one to "Vigomi", an enterprise trading with furs. In 2006 a new municipal shelter was
built, to the distant suburb of Seslavtci. The shelter in Lozenetc was given to a so-called Bulgarian-German Society for the Protection of Animals. Despite of the existing resources the both Mayors Mr Stefan Sofianski and Mr Boyko Borissov do not accept adequate policy for providing of public service for re-homing of lost and unwanted
dogs. Even more, in August 2004 BTV showed an arrticle about 13 army dogs, given to the Municipal shelter for re-homing, which disappeared on the next day.

(2) Tierhilfe Sueden
Few years ago in the Sunday talk-show program on the BTV, a representative of Tierhilfe Sueden didn't deny the fact that every year about 500,000 DM/Leva have been transfered from Germany to Sofia for sterilization of stray dogs. I must pinpoint that the progress of the German nation in this area is due to the strict control by registration and licensing over the possesion, breeding and trade of pet animals. In Europe and worldwide there is established and effective practice of "low-cost and early-aged sterilization of owned animals" for the restriction of population reproduction. Therefore the policy of "endless castration of strays", financed by Tierhilfe Sueden, can't be justifyed as charitable.

The problem with the mass amateur breeding and leaving of unregistered dogs has been constantly neglected by the both Mayors Mr Stefan Sofiianski and Mr Boyko Borissov, and by the representatives of Tierhilfe Sueden. For 17 years in the streets of Sofia the so called "street population" has been constantly re-filled by grown up and growing tame, domestic dogs of unknown origin. Usually they are cross- bred and that fact is used by the mayors and the reperesentatives of Tierhilfe Sueden for keeping the public delusion that the stray dogs are separate population, reproducing in the streets. The official control of this population is inadequate and conflicting with interest of the animals and the society. Meanwhile the loudly proclaimed initiatives connected with the "street population" have successfully hidden the process of the mass ameteur breeding, offering and disappearing of great number of pure-blooded dogs in Sofia.

Yours sincerely,

Emil Kuzmanov


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