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Childhood Obesity and Neuropeptides

In the past 13 years there has been a 3-fold increase in childhood obesity.
This rather sharp increase has been explained away as the consumer's
fault - no exercise, supersizing - but those arguments seem weak in the
light of what has been discovered recently.
In the Sept. 16, '96 issue of The Scientist Magazine, Kathleen Mulinix,
former CEO of Synaptic Pharmaceutical Corporation, said Neuropeptide Y
(NPY) is "the most potent stimulant for feeding ever found".(1) Rats that
have eaten to their fill, are then injected with NPY. The animals return to
the feeding trough and, in 30 minutes, eat over 8 times the initial feeding.(2)
NPY is a naturally produced substance found in all animals and humans
that tells us we are hungry.

The FDA has not approved the substance for use in the human food supply,
but there is immense research being done on it by the Ag. community. I will
paste an article below (3) from the Agricultural Research Service website
of the United States Department of Agriculture that tells of a researcher
injecting Orexin (another potent neuropeptide) into the thigh muscles of
baby piglets and obtaining an 18% increase in feed intake. This research
project was given the National Pork Producers Council's "Innovation
Award" in 1999, which clearly shows the Ag. community's desire for the
use of neuropeptides. In fact, it is the veritable "tip of the ice berg" of
neuropeptide science that has been quietly honing knowledge, to the point
where they have found the Angus breed responds to Orexin with that much
sought after "marbling" of fat laced throughout the muscle rather than around
the edges.

Not surprisingly, there are a slew of recently formed pharmaceutical
corporations with the term "tide" or "pep" in their name:
Peptides Int'l., Novetide, Poly Peptide Labs, American Peptide,
New England Peptide, CRB Peptides, Pepta Syntha. There is an American
Peptide Society and there is an annual "Tides" Convention.

The US Patent Office has registered over 440 patent applications for NPY
alone. A simple google search will return 1,730,000 references for
"neuropeptide", although to be completely fair, there are researchers
working from the opposite side. Let's say half of these people are trying
to find a cure for obesity by understanding the role of neuropeptides in
food consumption, but in the nearly two years of my investigation, I would
put the figure at less than half.

"The scientists are researching another way to deliver orexin. They have
cloned the genetic material, or DNA, that directs orexin production...."(3)

After speaking to several University researchers, I told one that I have a
small hog operation and have heard of these substances and I asked him when
we would be able to use them. He opened up on the subject, telling me
that Monsanto was funding his research, and that research had turned towards
implanting neuropeptide pellets under the skin of the animals just as they
have been doing with steroids since the fifties.

After hearing this, I spoke with several researchers at veterinary
pharmaceutical companies, and one researcher spoke - off the record - saying
that there are dis-reputable pharmaceutical companies that are scooting
around the FDA by labeling neuropeptides as a "health supplement" since it is
a naturally occurring substance. Dr. William Knight, the Division Director of
Production Drugs at the (CVM) FDA, explains that that use is not allowed
and the FDA will prosecute and fine companies that are doing this, but he
wanted me to give him the proof. The FDA has no enforcement arm that will
investigate a situation like this; it is up to us to show the proof.

Howard Lyman, a former rancher who now writes ("No More Bull" and "Mad
Cowboy") and lectures against the consumption of beef, when asked if he
thought it possible that the beef industry could be using neuropeptides said:

"Oh sure. But don't expect the USDA
to do anything about it. Most
Americans don't have any idea of the
extraordinary lengths the Department of
Agriculture goes to in it's mission to
protect the grower at the expense of the

In a 2001 interview he also stated:

"A USDA survey of 32 large feedlots revealed
nearly half the cattle had visible illegal
'misplaced implants' in muscle tissue rather
than in the ear."(4)

Remember, all of the chemicals given to beef and pigs and chickens
accumulates in the fat and the skin of the animals, and makes their way
into us. There is little doubt that the chemicals are still active in us
although, being a protein, neuropeptides are said to be destroyed by the
digestive system. But ask yourself - Does a two year old child's intestines
have the same effectiveness as an adult's? A small amount of NPY
in the blood stream of an 18 month old child would be enough to make
him take a few more bits of food than he normally would. Thus increasing
the size of his stomach a little bit at a time, and sending the child on
the way to becoming overweight or possibly obese.

Chickens used to grow for 8 to 10 months before reaching harvest size.
It now takes just one month ("Hormones in Food", Zeynep Atilgan and
Aydin Pinar). Cattle were harvested at the age of 3 to 4 years until
recently, as they now reach harvestable size at the ripe old age of
18 months.

One last question will sum this matter up quite effectively - Do you
think the beef industry could resist using a substance that makes
animals obese before adulthood? If the beef industry had a genie in
a bottle, neuropeptides would be their first wish.

Also remember that much of our beef comes from foreign producers in
Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and other countries that may not
have any restrictions on neuropeptides at all. And there is no testing
for neuropeptides done on the imported beef.

This is a subject that deserves investigating, for if there is a smoking
gun for the 3-fold increase in childhood obesity, it very likely is in the
hands of the Drug and Livestock Industries. And with obesity overtaking
smoking as the No. 1 cause of preventable death, there is no time to waste.

D. Beck

(1) A Full Plate: Researchers Attempt to Digest the Biochemistry of
Obesity, Kathryn S. Brown, The Scientist - 10[18]:12, Sep. 16, 1996

(2) Clinical Abstract, American Journal of Physiology - Vol 257, Issue 2

(3) Helping Piglets Survive and Thrive, Ben Hardin Agicultural Research, Sept. 1999

(4) What's in the Beef?, Rose Marie Williams

Childhood Obesity and Neuropeptides 22.Nov.2006 04:43


The research that google brings up is just what the Universities do in training their student researchers of the future, who go to work for corporations. Much more research is done behind their closed doors that is not placed on the net.
The corporations were way ahead of the University studies.

The news stories and public health conferences on obesity never say a word about neuropeptides, or any of the other chemicals used by the livestock industry. It's not a wonder......think of the lawsuits

another good reason 22.Nov.2006 07:19

2wheel terrorist

...to quit being a carnivore

must be injected 22.Nov.2006 15:13

biochem minor, psych major

protein chains, and neuropeptides are,,,break upon digestion. thus we can't eat endorphin to get high, swallow testosterone to regain youth etcetc. peptides require bypass of digestion.

Not to say I'm not alarmed they will get in food chain. as will many, as will worse, as will many much worse chemicals get there.

Eating produces "satisfaction" chemicals to end the session. Other stress singals start the process when we are again "hungry'"

The harm is in intervention when we have not a clue. We are already intervening when we make kids dread school and the world around them. Eating supresses the distress. This is a commonly noted response. nervous? eat! that some go to the opposite only shows the strength of the connections- and the disparity of stimulus response in a complex orgtanism conditioned by variances of biology and past experience.

Modern stresser filled world causes (some/many)kids to overeat. Kids have less and less "narural" outlets like play/agression moderating interaction.

Kid looses natural responsivity. Eats/ binges. like over buying, over medicating, thrill seeking, gambling etcetc, overeating is a natural response gone unnatural in an unnatural environment.

So fuck the natural kid, find a disease you can cure and presto, get to keep fucking the kids AND sell yourself as savior of kids. we have pills. we have "programs" its all for the kids.... indeed

second example- hyperactivity. Simple solution---let kids be rough, let kids play competitively, let kids get buty draggin tired on the playground. But no, we have to protect them. there will be time enough to play and do exciting stuff when you can damn well pay for it as the reward for hard (boring/meaningless?) but mostly Lucrative , work. adventure vacations for those who survive sterile safe childhoods.

Fat farms for those who realize morbid obesity is not just another, albeit alternate, form of accepted beauty. just like heroin chic anorexia is not on equall footing with athletic amazon beauty.

Call me a male chauvinist. I was born in a decade where average male testosterone levels were 50- 150 % higher than now. Funny, we were no more rapists and psycho then! must be something in the social fabric, not the testosterone? oh, now I;m not playing p.c. nice nice

Time to be brutally honest with little piggy childs. Vegans can argue just with slaughterhouse pictures. Why not campaign in schools with pics from nip and tuck operating rooms... ewwww gross!

see, even kids can understand if you speak to them on an euall basis, not down to them (jonny, your life earning capacity will be x% deminished if you exceed the heightweight guidlines- yes and sex is bad for you, take it from us.....)

there is nothing but the shackles of our p.c. emphasis on ESTEEM that prevents honesty and this approach. And where went the self esteem when it requires others to help change the bed ridden fat girls' diappers? Why, being protected even then?

Perhaps those chains are already impervious to breaking...

Childhood Obesity and Neuropeptides 22.Nov.2006 16:36


To minor major,

So your saying let them use these chemicals which may cause harm....but so what . We can psychologically disgrace them into loosing weight?

That's brilliant....you're a genius.

Childhood Obesity and Neuropeptides 22.Nov.2006 16:51

Don Beck

To major minor,

I disagree that a child's GI is 100% efficient to break down the proteins completely.

The first researcher I spoke with at an Iowa University who was doing a clinical study on NPY at the time, hee-hawed with the argument that the NPY would have to break the blood brain barrier to have any effect on us. It was clearly proven that NPY breaks the blood brain barrier by another of these university researchers who injected piglets thighs with Orexin and observed an 18% increase in feed intake. That article is reference #3.

It wouldn't take much over the course of 10 to 15 years to increase the size of children's stomachs above normal. I'm not saying that they fatten up in a matter of months as the farm animals now do.

High Fructose Corn Syrup 23.Nov.2006 09:55

does essentially the same thing

HFCS doesn't suppress the release of ghrelin, which is a substance that stimulates the hunger response.

It also, unlike regular sugar, any kind of sugar, lactose/fructose/sucrose/dextrose... doesn't stimulate the body to release leptin, which is one of the substances involved with producing the "satiation" (the feeling of being full) response.

So people are incessantly hungry.

The consumption of HFCS since the 1970s has increased 1000%.

Diabetes and Obesity has gone up astronomically since then.

Artificial sweeteners also inhibit the satiation response, and impair carbohydrate metabolism, and these products, including HFCS are being put out by the same corporations who make ...

--insulin / HFCS (Eli Lilly)
--GMO corn & HFCS refineries / aspartame (Monsanto)


I think that maybe there may be a link btwn these neuropeptides reacting in the body to what many / most Americans are already consuming in huge quantities, but that for now, HFCS consumption needs to be curbed, along with artificial sweeteners, that trick the body into thinking that what we're eating isn't really sugar... and so we store these chemicals as toxic fat in the liver and the body fat..

messenger, don and corn syrup 23.Nov.2006 23:07


1..messenger, no, you read me wrong. i dont propose a free pass, just giving a variant opinion of the wight to be given different "problems." (sugar, exercise, chemical additives, alergens would each be one "problem."

And far from seeing it as "psychologically disgrace" issue, i see it as a refusal to lie and pretend that market knows best and has the dear childs best interests foremost. Dont pretend its a fine state of affairs treat it like WW2 army films treat syphlis, like '50s school films treated auto deaths- very bloody classroom film. todays p.c. says its too traumatic for junior. that means junior is aided and abetted in having rosy blinders on.

That's "disgrace?" Is it disgrace to tell kids never to play with guns they might find? is ti disgrace to mention electricty can kill? Wherefrom this over concern with the mood of jonny and mary, that we cant discuss uncomfortable realities? Because there might be "fatties" in the classroom and they will get laughed out of the lunch room? Discipline can be focused to that little b.s. game of kids. and here maybe a little "embarassing" and "shaming" even are fine. But we can't abandon the field (of educating kids to eat right and moderately,just because some are not the number one winner (as all deserve to be in every instance where there is a ranking, oh the very unfairness of it.....)

But this may seem inhumane if you were a h.s. sstudent these last few decades- you have been indoctrinated into the feel good society, home of the sheeple for these same marketeers. theres the irony. in a perverse way its just like the flatlanders who keep denying "globalwarming" ideology and connative dissonance in service of the ideology can go a long way in blinding one from to larger perspectives.

2. regard gut and blood/brain...reading on the topic just today, completely random websurf. Article on sales site for growth hormone otc pills. they seem to add some sort of poymer to protect the peptides. I believe fats and starches can somehow protect from stomach acid degradation, so that gut uptake becomes effective. that seemed the claim.....

3. leading to corn syrup, the probably number 1 or 2 foodstuff by tonage in the commercial stream. how many cans list saugar, corn syrup and hfcs as separate materials, as msg can be under several innocuous names like modified corn protein, hydrolized protien, natural flavor enhancors.....

The sugar things much more clear cut than the peptide attack. What all those insulin abusing sugars do is concomitantly create a stress hormmone cascade, sugar, insulin, adrenalin...that is the reason for the sugar crash- its a speed crash without the illict chemicals.

self-esteem 30.Apr.2007 21:26


no matter how big you are be happy and know that the bigger you are the bigger your heart is