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The Gulag Has Got Mary Tormey

A young woman has been stripped of her rights and sent to a mental institution following an assault on her by an officer of the law.
Mary Tormey is twenty-six years old. In January of 2005, the car she was travelling in was stopped at a routine traffic stop. Mary's mother, Elaine, and Mary's live-in boyfriend of five years, Denver, were in the car, as well as another friend.

Without provocation, Mary Tormey was brutally assaulted by the officer, Matt Hathaway. Parenthetically, Hathaway has a record of this sort of behavior, and has had at least six cases filed against him in court for this sort of rabid victimization.

During the ordeal, Hathaway threw Mary against the car, injuring her so badly that she can no longer wear pants or anything binding around her waist. He also held a gun to her head.

Her mother Elaine, who is a Quaker, recently secured a lawyer to sue. Hathaway, who had been put on eighteen months paid administrative leave after the assault, had just been re-hired at a neighboring police department. Mary Tormey had just called that police department to plead with them not to hire him. "I'm one of his victims," she told him.

And then Mary's house in Coeur d Alene was busted. Mary was arrested for marijuana, and the gulag machine moved into action.

She was summarily stripped of her civil rights. She was not allowed to make a phone call for several WEEKS. Her own mother did not know she was in jail. Her court appointed attorney NEVER even saw her. She was placed on "restriction" and allowed no visitors. Her Public Defender, Ed Lawlor of Kootenai County P.D.'s office, moved for a competency hearing based on three statements, all patently false. First, he declared that she was indigent. In fact, she has about $46,000 --quite a bit for a twenty something to have socked away. Second, he declared that she was unable to communicate with him and could not assist in her own defense. In reality, it appears that Mr. Lawlor never met his client, Mary Tormey. And finally, he declared that she had previously been psychiatrically committed, which is also untrue.

After a thirty-second hearing, she was deemed incompetent to stand trial, and shuffled off to State Hospital South. The stripping of rights continued. Her right to refuse medication was overridden by a "hearing" at which her new attorney, a private attorney in Sandpoint, was not present because he was not informed the hearing was taking place.

The hospital is now creating false documentation about Mary Tormey. According to her treatment plan, she has no means of financial support. According to her treatment plan, she has no emotional support system. In reality, she has been living with the same boyfriend for going on six years, and has numerous friends and a loving mother. According to her treatment plan, she has a "delusion" that she has food allergies, which the staff is terming "psychosis." In reality, her food allergies have been documented and treated by a family physician.

Why is this happening to Mary Tormey? I am at a loss to explain this, other than a dreadful, dark hunch. And here it is--

The police have gotten very powerful in our country. They know very well that plans are in place to declare martial law, at which point their power will be absolute. There have been many, many reports of late of unbridled police abuse in the newspapers-- just recently, a fellow was tasered to death in a mini-mart by Spokane officers. The officers tried to say that he lunged at them, but the in-store video proved them liars. With all these reports, peppering newspapers all over the country, the results are generally the same--The District Attorneys are refusing to file charges against the murderous officers, and there are no legal consequences for their actions.

Matt Hathaway got an eighteen month paid vacation for what he did to Mary. With the way the system is moving against her, I believe Mary Tormey may be facing an extended involuntary commitment, for the bad luck of being victimized by a random assault at a random traffic stop by an "officer of the law".

I think we may be able to derail this situation. I am requesting that those reading this report to take the following action: Call the Administrative Director of State Hospital South. His name is Tracy Farnsworth, and his number is (208) 785-1200 (main number for the hospital). I have already spoken with him, and he is nervous as hell. He signed the override to her right to refuse medications, and yes, she is being forcibly medicated with anti-psychotics.

Also call Bob McClune, who is the point person for Mary's treatment at State Hospital South. His direct line is (208) 785-8492. I spoke with him, and he sounds appropriately concerned.

McClune appears to be an improvement on the first clinician, Kevin Young. Young would only state that he would not release any confidential information. Period. When I told him I didn't want any confidential information about Mary's "treatment," but I wanted to know why the hospital was creating false records about her, he would only repeat, "I can't release any information. "

Mary is young, beautiful and smart. We got Susan Lindauer out of the gulag, and I think we can get Mary out, too. But she needs your help.

Call Tracy Farnsworth, and call Bob McClune. It worked for Susan. The bad guys started sweating, and they let her go.

Thank you all.

Janet C. Phelan

phone: phone: (310) 755-4469

Sorry to hear about this 21.Nov.2006 18:10

Ben Waiting

what city did this happen in?

read the details 22.Nov.2006 13:53

read it

Coeur d Alene , Kootenai County

that would be N.E, Washington State

not so far from witch hunting Wenatchee Wa, if your memory serves are that affair!!!

Why do we hire goons for cops while defunding community officers and neglecting of preparing officers for social situations other than crime.

Psychos need defending as does the general population (re this case, i make no claim of psychosis on viictims part, but plenty psychotics are treated like willing criminal offenders). Violence is a poor social response and we deserve better, yet we get----goons who have no patience, can't wait it out, have sub normal social skills, are racists, wife and child beaters (and get protected by the old boy network)

Fund police reform not a police state. Its in our hands.

sounds like 22.Nov.2006 16:55

this happened in

Coer d'alene, which is in Idaho

mea culpa 22.Nov.2006 17:30

above wise guy

howd that state line get there? yes, the idaho side. K county, duh!

a pattern 22.Nov.2006 22:06


check out www.cosmicpenguin.com and check on the susan lindauer article if you want to get scared. same tactics at work.

The Inbred Empire 23.Nov.2006 13:57


Sounds like the Otto Zehm case in Spokane, Wa. Remember if they are doing this on camera with no national coverage you can imagine what else is happening in this part of the country.

The Gulag is working overtime... 26.Nov.2006 09:44

Janet Phelan janetcphelan@yahoo.com

This is a modus operandi for depriving a person of his/her rights, and even the right to a trial. This is being deployed far more widely than one would guess. Mary's roommate at State Hospital South is a woman in her forties who was arrested for "eluding the police." Eluding the police? What kind of crime is that? There are no other charges pending.

Michael Morrisey was also victimized in this manner. Morrisey was a geneticist who was working for the military, and researching mad cow disease. He discovered something pretty nefarious, indicating some government involvement in this problem. He ended up in a mental hospital, and was also fed "medication."

Unfortunately, some people are getting worse deals. If you remember during Watergate, the wife of Attorney General John Mitchell was regularly calling the press and spilling out some juicy details. She was placed in a mental hospital and soon died there. This can happen very easily, as one could see. "Here is your evening pill, dear."

Like Stalin said, "No man, No problem." The abuses that are possible here are obvious. I was simply shocked to see that Mary Tormey, who is not a political person, was given the same kind of treatment as Lindauer and Morrisey. Tormey simply had the bad luck to be assaulted by a cop. This does not bode well for any of us.

need proof 02.Dec.2006 11:40

Matt Hathaway racerxxx34@hotmail.com

To the bloggers out there all you here is Mrs. Phelans side of the story but she fails to tell you was the reason for the stop was because tormeys mom almost ran me over on another traffic stop. Tormeys mom continued down the road driving in the middle of the road running several vehicles off the road. While making the traffic stop Tormey was shoving marijuana down the front of her shirt. The smell of marijuana was heavy in the car and during a attempted pat down tormey ran into traffic almost being struck by another car. Tormey is a heavy drug user by her own admission. Tormey admitted to using marijuana since the age of 12 because the anti sycosis medication dosent work. All I am asking is for people to hear both sides of the story before making remarks.

Matt Hathaway held a gun to Mary's head 03.Dec.2006 20:48

Janet Phelan janetcphelan@yahoo.com

According to all witnesses, Matt Hathaway held a gun to Mary's head before he found any pot. "By her own admission" Mary Tormey only smokes pot, and uses no other drugs. Mary Tormey does not take anti-psychotics, and the hospital she was sent to after the railroading by the Public defender's office has now discontinued all psychiatric medicine for Mary Tormey, and has revamped their original assessment, which initially parroted the claims of the Public Defender's office. They DO NOT at this point consider her psychotic, a danger to anyone, or in need or psychiatric medication.

Hathaway's claims of the driving behavior of Elaine Tormey is not born out by the other witnesses. I have read all the other tort claims filed against Matt Hathaway while he was in the employ of the Bonner County Sheriff's Department, and they are consistent in reporting unwarranted physical violence and civil rights violations.

Those reading these comments should be aware that just a few days ago, Mr. Hathaway filed a tort claim against Bonner County Sheriff's, claiming himself to be fired as retaliation for his excellent conduct as an officer and as a whistleblower. While I am certainly aware of corruption in the Sheriff's department, the "whistleblower" claims made by Hathaway are shrill and tinny, given his history of abuse.

If you are indeed blowing the whistle on drug running, etc. in the Sheriff's department, , as you claim in your tort, let's have some names, dates, etc. I'm sure the FBI would be interested. And you certainly have our attention.

And while you're blowing the whistle on this, would you please name who has given the "stand down" orders on the reports I have filed with that organization concerning the break-ins in my home? There have been several witnesses to the fall-out from these break-ins, and several tapes of my documentary- in- progress on the Patriot Act were stolen, as well as copies of my book and other work product. The Sheriff's department is refusing to investigate these break-ins, which is a violation of my rights, and is governed under "failure to protect" laws.

So--here's your chance. Who are the dope dealers at the Bonner County Sheriff's department?

Janet Phelan

I'm sick of the slander 09.Jan.2007 18:00

Mary Tormey marytormey@myway.com

Mabe the reason Janet doesen't tell Matt Hathaway's side of the story is because he made it up.

"To the bloggers out there all you here is Mrs. Phelans side of the story but she fails to tell you was the reason for the stop was because tormeys mom almost ran me over on another traffic stop. Tormeys mom continued down the road driving in the middle of the road running several vehicles off the road. While making the traffic stop Tormey was shoving marijuana down the front of her shirt. The smell of marijuana was heavy in the car and during a attempted pat down tormey ran into traffic almost being struck by another car. Tormey is a heavy drug user by her own admission. Tormey admitted to using marijuana since the age of 12 because the anti sycosis medication dosent work. All I am asking is for people to hear both sides of the story before making remarks."

First of all on Jan 21 2005 at 10:15 Algoma-Spur road was almost abandoned and icy on both sides. My mom was driving carefully and was not cited for any violation. When I refused a search saying please don't touch me Hathaway slammed me violently into my mothers car and pointed a gun at my head before I had a chance to move. I am not a heavy drug user and was not at the time of my arrest. I have smoked pot to treat nausea. I don't have "sycosis" or psychosis. I was only diagnosed with psychosis after being mistreated at the jail when I refused to bail out. (I was kept alone, denied all visits and phone-calls and deprived of sleep for 3 weeks. I could not eat and was denied medical care. I was so allergic to corn, that when I ate green beans covered in corn margarine, I slept around 12 hours and woke up in urine and feces, I asked for a shower and waited around an hour before I was rushed to court and forced to sit in chains 3 hours without ever getting to talk to a lawyer or judge. The next day I heard the Spirit Lake police had hired Matt Hathaway even though I called and asked them not to. The next day I was fed eggs cooked in corn oil and was woken up for the psychiatric evaluation.)
I was taken off psychiatric medication after only a few weeks and then I was put on a thyroid medication and found fit to proceed.
When will this harassment and slander end? I am not a "drug dealer", I live off of my inheritance and can show that I have spent around 1000$ of inherited money per month every month since 2002.

Listening 15.Feb.2007 18:54

Joe Anybody

I believe you Mary

AmeriKa is a Ploice State 15.Apr.2007 06:30

Mike Thomas jgroup01@yahoo.com

This country has more people(per capita) in jails & prisons than any country in the World. 90% of us so-called criminals are convicted of victimless crimes! Folks, it is impossible to have a crime if there is No Victim !
Innocent humans are the real victims of a 'govern-mental' system, consisting of over (10) million RULES ! There is no freedom if we are forced to obey RULES at the point of a gum ny mindless (Law ?)enforcement officers.

The Government policy makers, including Police and Judges are the Real Criminals.
They are assaulting,injuring,mamiming, killing and,incarcerting us.
No decent person would ever be party to such an evil corrupt government. Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts !
Referees(called judges), are now legislating from the bench , making rulings based opon their mood and whim. The DeFacto President Bush is going to declare Martial Law and the Rule Enforcers(police) are salivating. Folks it is time for a Revolution. Our destiny is in our hands. Rules are for games and believe me this is not a game. Make no Mistake , We Are At War and our Enemy is this Government!
Remember: Gordon Kahl,The Weaver family,the Branch Davidians, the OKC victims. the World Trade Center Victims The Twin Towers Victims, and Countless Innocent Victims -
They Will "Go To Hell" and WE WIll Put Them THERE- "With GODS'S Help "