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Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, Novemnber 21st, 2006.
11/21/06 Get This
sui generis

1. Eight State legislators and one former lawmaker will be getting their ethics probed by the Ethics Panel. Seems they may have failed to report lobbyist largesse. Take former House Speaker Karen Minnis who failed to report several trips including one last year in which a private group paid $4,000 to send her to Israel.
2. Russia's largest steelmaker, Luxembourg (Tax haven) based Evaz is buying Oregon Steel Mills for $2.3 billion. There may be another suitor lurking in the shadows, but one way or another, Oregon steel is on the block.
3. Smoking Crater: Deschutes County Commissioners have rejected a Measure 37 claim to open a mine and build homes within the caldera at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Central Oregon.
4. Nuclear Ball: Nike says that it is ending orders from a Pakistani supplier of hand-stitched soccer balls. Nike says that the company, Saga Sports, is responsible for "significant" labor violations. Let's talk about Nike's shoe factories in Indonesia next...
5. Oxymorons aside, nanotechnology is growing. In Corvallis, OSU has got a terrifying arsenal of Things That Could Go Wrong in various stages of research and development. (Someone, please research and develop some ideas about what we do when these molecule-sized computers start converting everything on earth into grey goo... ).
6. Too Little and Too Late: A team of experts in Britain have come up with five "grand challenges" in order to evaluate the safety of nanotechnology. There is concern that by the time the dangers inherent in the technology become manifest, it will be too late.
7. Oregon's largest and fastest growing minority group appears to be worse off now than five years ago. A quarter of the State's Latino population is living below the poverty line and below the radar.
8. In-Coming: As of yesterday the number of military deaths in Iraq since the beginning of the invasion stands at 2,865... make that 2,867.
9. Condoleeza Rice told EU politicians that America would simply love to attack Iran but it just doesn't have enough "evidence" (Yellow cake, anyone?). Now Israel... Well there's a country that doesn't need no gawdamn "evidence". And to be absolutely certain that the world gets it, Bush said that he would "understand" if Israel chose to attack Iran (Maybe "understands" is too strong a term. We're talking about a man who couldn't pour water out of a boot if the directions were written on the bottom... )
10. Go F#*!k Yourself Dept.: The Pentagon sees it this way: We've got three options in Iraq (And a good thing too, since that's about the extent of the president's math skills... .). Here, for your reading pleasure, they are: #1 Go Big. #2 Go Long. #3 Go Home. That's it. That's our foreign policy. Couldn't be easier, y'see...
11. Blanket Deal: At Camp Pendleton, a third Marine has agreed to plead guilty to lesser charges in the killing of an unarmed Iraqi civilian. Under the deal, charges of murder, kidnapping, conspiracy, larceny and assault against Lance Corporal Jerry Shumate will be dismissed (What's left? Did he double-park the Humvee while they killed the guy?)
12. The Republican Hoards, having sacked and pillaged DC, are moving on to greener pastures, the Private Sector. This leaves the democrats holding the Budget Bag and with a huge clean-up. The GOP Party crowd left behind almost half a trillion dollar clutter of unfinished spending bills.
13. Numismatician and all-round embezzler Tom Noe is off to Club Fed for $18 years . The GOP coin dealer was convicted of money laundering, forgery and theft.
14. Hail Mary: Rupert Murdock's News Corp. says it has canceled the OJ Simpson book, If I Did It, and FOX TV interview with The Juice. (Jon Benet Ramsey, where are you now that w need you?)
15. An Oberlin, Ohio artist's Nazi gingerbread men got yanked from a window display in a hardware store. (Last year's display featured a sociopath snowman bashing carolers over the head.)
16. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has invited his Syrian and Iranian counterparts for a sleepover in Tehran.
17. Seymour Hersh says that the CIA hasn't found conclusive evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. On the bright side, they make a fabulous shashlik kebab...
18. Talkin' Bout My Generation: Tony Blair said yesterday that the battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan would be a "generation-long struggle" (Tony, first step is get the right country; the Taliban originated in Pakistan and are thought to still be based there... )
19. It's About Time!: Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf and British Prime Minister Tony Blair have agreed to fight terrorism together.
20. In Lebanon, the deepening crisis has paralyzed Lebanese politics. But Hezbollah. The Lebanese social service and militia is threatening protests if the titular government doesn't get its titular act together.
21. Case in point: Yesterday, Lebanese Cabinet Minister and Christian leader Pierre Gemayel was shot to death on a street in Beirut.
22. Emerald City:: In Iraq today, US troops blew up two cars inside the fabled Green Zone after dogs indicated explosives were inside the vehicles that were used in the motorcade of the parliament speaker. This is the first actual incursion inside the only secure area in the whole country, unless you count Kurdistan... .
23. Yesterday Iraq's favorite comedian Walid Hassan was killed. Hassan is the latest casualty in the Iraq media world. So far 133 reporters, cameramen and other media workers have been killed in Iraq.
24. A senior Chinese official has made a rare admission about the extent and the use of torture in obtaining convictions in China's courts (that's progress, suspects used to be convicted without a trial, never mind the frills like water boarding... .)
25. The UN Food Agency has launched a series of airlifts and food drops for more than one million people hit by floods in Somalia and Kenya. It's looking to be the worst flooding the region has seen in 50 years.
26. A 48-foot homemade submarine full of cocaine was seized as it steamed northward - just six feet under water - off the coast of Costa Rica.