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Human Chain on Iraq & Impeachment Set Jan. 1

If two million people in the Baltic states joined hands to help drive out their Soviet occupiers, Portland can be among other U.S. cities to use a human-chain event New Years Day to send a message to the new Congress and Oregon/Portland officials about impeaching Bush and Cheney and getting out of Iraq NOW.
Two million people in the Baltic states joined hands in 1989 for a morale-building, highly visual tactic to drive out their Soviet occupiers. The plan this New Years Day (it falls on Monday) is to form human chains in cities and towns to emphasize to members of the new Congress and state and local officials—as they convene Jan. 3—that the Nov. 7 election was a tsunami of public demand that they: 1) end the Iraq war ASAP; and 2) begin accountability and ouster proceedings against Bush & Cheney.

Plans are being made in Portland for a 1 p.m. New Years Day human chain stretching from the East Side Esplanade to the Steel bridge through Tom McCall Waterfront park and back to the Hawthorne bridge.

With 25 more months left of Bush/Cheney rule to wreck this country, it's obvious accountability and their impeachment/ouster must begin NOW. So must an Iraq exit. Just as thousands of troops were moved out of Vietnam within a month in 1975 (despite hawk warning of a bloodbath), the same thing can be done in Iraq now. Our kids are already kneedeep in a bloodbath of an unstoppable Civil War.

Initiators of this family friendly event are the South Side DFA meetup group, but it's for all activist groups in this area. It's uncomplicated. No speeches. No chants. Maybe a song or two that hundreds of all ages know to sing in a new year of peace and justice. (Music travels far on water.) Bring water and warm clothes, gloves, hats, scarves—and your hope—for saving our democracy and for bringing our kids home from an illegal war.

Gather at noon along the route to be in place by 1 p.m. sharp.

If you or your organization wants to join in this Start-The-New-Year-Right message to Congress, officials in Oregon and Portland, please email either  like7new@comcast.net OR  westcoates@gmail.com. Or leave a message at 503-946-3263.