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Video: Communist Manifesto illustrated by Disney

Displaying a broad range of Golden Age Hollywood animation, Manifestoon is a homage to the latent subversiveness of cartoons.
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homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1oGIffyVVk&NR

this is hilarious 21.Nov.2006 10:42

2wheel terror

...and way too relevant still! We just watched it during work hours teeheee

a must watch!!! 21.Nov.2006 13:03


This video may very well help all the anti-Marxists who've never read a word of Marx in their life.

that's right! 21.Nov.2006 15:36

2wheel terror

It's not what he said but how others warped it to suit their own ambitions. I was shocked at how relevant his words are in these times.

marxist organizations 22.Nov.2006 01:21


Although there are many organizations that call themselves 'Marxist', two stand out as being legitimate (in my opinion)

1) The Workers International League (www.marxist.com)

2) The Socialist Equality Party (www.wsws.org)

visit their sites, view their programs, educate yourselves in the process.

actually... 22.Nov.2006 14:42


the website of the Workers International League is www.socialistappeal.org -- what I would consider the ONLY legit Marxist organization in the US

take a look for yourself