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Friends' New Member Drive

The Friends of the Multnomah County Library is offering new member discounts through Jan. 1 during its fall membership drive.
Membership levels at the discounted prices are: individual, $25; family, $40; senior (age 65 and up), $15, and senior family, $30.

The one-year benefits include entry to members' night at the 2007 fall used book sale, invitation to the free catered annual meeting, a 10 percent discount at the Friends' store in the Central Library and notice of special sales, and mailed copies of the newsletter, Footnotes.

Membership fees are one of the three main ways in which the Friends' raises money to support public library programs and purchase of materials. The nonprofit organization also holds two book sales a year -- a spring sale in East Multnomah County and the big fall sale in Portland -- and operates the store with sales of good quality used books and gifts with reading and writing themes.

The organization, which started in 1972 because of a library funding crisis, helps with cash and volunteers during the five-year levy campaigns and supports programs through grants. These programs include the Pageturners reading groups, Bucket of Books resources for teachers and "booktalks" in classrooms, teen lounges and lecturers, library staff support, and outreach efforts to children whose home situations make it difficult for them to visit libraries.

Membership forms are available at all Multnomah County library branches, in the Friends' store, at the Friends' website, www.friends-library.org, or call 503-224-9176. Checks and credit card payments are accepted. Please mail the form with payment to Friends of the Library, 522 SW 5th Ave., Suite 1103, Portland, Or., 97204. We are not able to accept memberships by Internet at this time.