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secret plane over Olympia

Calls to the Olympia Airport reveal little
Several friends of mine have commented about a plane last week flying over and over around Olympia. One of them called the tower at the airport which was left on a machine. They called back and stated that it is a military plane, which is all thet could comment on. But unlike large military jets or planes, this one is in-between the size of a small general aviation plane and a business jet. Anyone else seen this happening in your local?
spy planes 20.Nov.2006 19:08

SCP administrative services

yes. see  http://www.notbored.org/spy-planes.html for relevant info

Was it one of these? 21.Nov.2006 08:51


I'll check again 23.Nov.2006 19:22


Don't think it was any different looking than most, just a low lying plane. If it flies around again I will snap a photo of it. Or ask Farley Mowat to get out his rifle....