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screening "THE FALL" dvd of ballet on 9/11 as Big Lie - 7pm Wed Nov 22nd

7pm Wed eve Nov 22nd at LAUGHING HORSE Books - 12 NE 10th Ave - Laughing Horse phone 503 236 2893 screening dvd video of world premiere of this choreodrama in Mexico City This screening is to benefit the USA premiere of "The Fall '01" -- a choreodrama depiction of the war of terror dehumanization of us all in the wake of the most horrific false-flag, black-ops, Reichstag Fire, terrorist attack of all time -- a work being developed to tour the world.
7pm Wed Nov 22nd screening dvd video of premiere performance Mexico 9/11/2006
7pm Wed Nov 22nd screening dvd video of premiere performance Mexico 9/11/2006
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recent world premiere:

September 11, 12, 13 @ 7:30 PM
Museo de la Ciudad, Queretaro, Mexico


Premiere of a choreodrama with music by Jack Gabel, commissioned by Agnieszka Laska Dancers, in collaboration with Luis Arreguín, Las Pléyades Danza Contemporanea and video artist Takafumi Uehara.

THE FALL '01 is a study in human debasement and expansive lamentation on a great society whose deteriorating values may well presage an empire at the precipice of its fall.

Comissioning of the score was supported in part by grants from Oregon Arts Comission, Regional Arts and Culture Council and NFAA.

homepage: homepage: http://pdx911truth.blogspot.com
phone: phone: 503 287 3473
address: address: 12 NE 10th Ave

laughing horse location map (google) 19.Nov.2006 23:27



Could you explain "as Big Lie"? 20.Nov.2006 21:46


Is the DVD a Big Lie?

Is the DVD ballet depicting the media stories as a Big Lie?

To what are you referring as a big lie?

A clarification would be very much appreciated -- thank you, Marian

...ballet re 9/11 as BIG LIE ... 21.Nov.2006 18:01


My long suffering, long loathed high school English teacher said that "re" is not a word; if you can't use "regarding", "in respect of" or such, owing to length or abbreviated stylistics, use "on." Ugh.