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Keizer Cops Attack Inocent Man

I am a 48 year old man living in Keizer. I am a Business Professional, my wife is a career Oregon State Corrections Officer. I was at my son's apartment, he's 26, on X-mas eve 2005 with him and a friend of his. We had been there about half an hour playing cards when a knock came to the door. I answered it to find two police officers standing outside and inquiring about a Hispanic man that they thought to live there. I told them I didn't know them and that my son lived there. They asked my son's name and checked my ID. Fifty minutes later they came to the back patio area looking for my son who apparently had a 7 year old misdemeanor warrant still outstanding. This was at midnight and the back area was completely in darkness. I was inside just coming out of the restroom when I seem a light being shown on my son and his friend. I stepped through the sliding glass door and not even realizing it was the police or that there was trouble I told them to get in the apartment. My son stepped in and I followed and started to shut the door when the police broke through the fenced patio and rushed the door. The first one pushed me aside and commanded my son to get to the ground, which he did. I asked the police what this was all about and he told me about the warrant. I was confused and kept looking at my son. The cop continued to shout to get on the ground which only confused me more because he was already down. About the time I figured out that he was talking to me another cop came in and threw me into the sliding glass door and then to the carpet. I fully cooperated and offered my hands to be restrained. Within 5 seconds of being on the ground, with one hand cuffed and the cop sitting on my back a police dog came in and started to rip at my right foot. It pulled off my shoe and began to mutilate my foot. I began to scream and try to get my foot out of it's mouth. The police tried 5 times to get the dog to release and the more I struggled the more the dog would try to pull me out from under the cop. The cop "Tased" me to get me to quit moving so the dog would stop. The "Tasing" lasting 20-30 seconds and blood came out of both ears...
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