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Lone Vet Report

Can you believe it?

Brunch with Gordon did not happen again, he was a no show for the fourth consecutive week. I think he may be avoiding me. I guess he is fearful of debating an old vet who just wants to know why he continues to support the murder of our military and the people of Iraq.

I was listening to Thom Hartmann on Friday and his guest was Bernie Sanders, senator-elect from the state of Vermont. Bernie Sanders is not a democrat or a republican, he is an independent socialist. He cares about the veterans who are being screwed by the Bush Administration and the Gorgon Smith. He will serve on the committee that oversees veteran's benefits and will work for the complete treatment of injuries of our beloved soldiers who are injured during their time serving as our protectors from our enemies. Soldiers do not question, they obey orders and will go where "We" tell them to go. They trust us to send them to places where they are needed, and "We" have lied to them. We must bring them home as soon as possible. Stop talking and get them out of Iraq.
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