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9.11 investigation

The real 9/11 smoking gun…

The US Government... incriminated by its own facts—so ironic and yet so perfect.
The perfect evidence, because it is from the US Government.
The real 9/11 smoking gun... no one has debunked this yet... and it's not a "theory"—just the facts.
"Plane Impact" Times: Incriminating Evidence of 9/11 Coverup & Complicity
"Seismic Proof - 9/11 Was An Inside Job (Updated Version II)"
Link:  link to www.scholarsfor911truth.org
By Craig T. Furlong & Gordon Ross, Scholars for 9/11 Truth:  http://www.st911.org

The official times for plane "impact" [precise to the second] as declared by the US Government, from both the 9/11 Commission and from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), are different and yet both are true and accurate times. What can this factual contradiction mean? Looking exclusively at WTC1, there is found the indisputable causal link:

One World Trade, September 11, 2001
American Airlines Flight 11 "impact" time:
8:46:30 UTC, per LDEO seismic data (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2005)
8:46:40 UTC, per FAA last primary radar contact (9/11 Commission Final Report, 2004)

Q- What caused the 8:46:30 seismic event that occurred 10 seconds before the actual aircrash at 8:46:40?
A- The only possibility is huge explosions, as corroborated by many eyewitnesses at the time.
Q- Who caused these explosions before the plane hit?

In 2004, the 9/11 Commission avoided addressing the earlier seismic event time (which had been, in error, attributed by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, originally in 2001 as "plane impact").
In 2005, NIST avoided addressing the 9/11 Commission's later time for the aircraft's actual impact.
Both the 9/11 Commission and NIST avoided addressing the many witnesses who testified of explosions in the basements before the plane crashed.

This precision data has yet to be refuted by anyone. It is from the two highest governmental entities charged with looking into what happened on 9/11, and both declared these times as accurate, and in doing so they corroborate William Rodriguez and the many eyewitnesses the morning of 9/11 who testified of explosions in the sub-basements of WTC1 before American Airlines Flight 11 struck the building. This is indicting evidence of governmental coverup, and thus implication of complicity.

Before it is too late, demand a new 9/11 investigation, except this time a real one.
Justice waits...{and there is no statute of time limitation on murder}
Court Prosecutor Presents Irrefutable Case on the 9/11 Demolitons! 19.Nov.2006 09:41

Lance Ciepiela

A Court Prosecutor presents irrefutable evidence on the 9/11 Demolitions. His case is available for viewing at GOOGLE Videos, enter "Improbable Collapse: Demoliton of Our Republic", then go to 59.28 minutes.

PDF please 20.Nov.2006 00:32

Mr. Frodo

Could someone provide this document as a PDF, please?

Mr. Frodo