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Why The G.O.P. Lost

It was those durn rednecks!
A Representative Putnam (R-Fla.)has publicly stated that the reason the GOP lost the recent elections was because "Rednecks didn't vote for us". Holy Cowpie! Even REDNECKS couldn't bring themselves to pull the lever or press the glass for the present crop of liars, thieves and blood-soaked warmongering scum posing as GOP "statesmen". What then were these usually patriotic good old boys doing on election day? A lot of them were nuking their umpteenth Hungry-Man Turkey Dinner and wondering how long their latest pittance from Unemployment Insurance will last. Hopefully until the next roofing job, but that could be years away thanks to the bursting housing bubble. The only people who cashed in on that were real estate agents and bankers. Some of these good 'ol people were filling up the new Ford Dually with regular on Election Day. They watched how much a gallon it was compared to the previous couple of days. It was definitely creeping up by a penny or two a day. You didn't need a union card to figure out you were being manipulated as the election drew near. It's obvious that a lot of the blue collar types have had enough of seeing the faces of dead soldiers, mostly kids, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on the news. For FIVE YEARS! It's so obvious that Bush and his fellow gang members don't give half a goddam about this needless slaughter of America's young so Cheney's oil/weapons crowd can stay richer than Midas forever. Even that blubbering tower of neo-con delusion and Bush-licking-Dixie Chick bashing Toby Keith has been keeping his stupid trap shut as the horror of Bush's reign plays out in a million horrible ways. All those minimum wage slaves at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, ad nauseum, want to throw up every time they see a Republican shill explain why they must veto any increase in the minimum wage. Plus the meager medical coverage they have is constantly being whittled down by higher premiums and increased co-payments. And God forbid you're on disability or Medi-Care. You don't know what a nightmare is until you need real medical care under this system. Even Nashville doesn't want to be associated with Republicans, and Country Music Fans (a term I find more meaningful than the slanderous 'redneck') know it. How long did the GOP think working class America was going to buy into this worthless line of bullshit as the years roll by, the bodies pile up, the jobs disappear, the saftey net vanishes? Fear of foreigners became a patriotic duty, and the folks who somehow believed that the Bushies embodied their true Conservative beliefs wake up to the ugly realization that they've been HAD. Foley the child molester was the last straw. Hastert was covering it up for years. D.C. is just like the Vatican, full of perverted child vampires who get away with almost everything. Joe six-pac may be tipsy but he isn't that stupid. He still goes to church if his wife nags him enough, and what Jesus preached sure doesn't seem to jibe with the line of demonic race-baiting that passes for political discourse, not to mention foreign policy. And don't even mention 911! So-called 'Rednecks' are quite prolific on the internet. You don't have to have a degree from Bob Jones to find out everything you need to know about "911" through Google. When those Dukes of Hazzard boys watch "Loose Change" and hear those burly NYFD guys talk about all the "bombs" that were going off, you know they're getting REALLY ANGRY. Bill O'Reilly and Tucker Carlson can fume and rant about crazy 'conspiracy theories' all they want, but they are no match whatsoever for the evidence available to every online vidiot or activist. Now can the Democrats exploit this amazing and potentially fortuitous digression from usual GOP voting patterns? Or will they continue with their usual lack of imagination and social vision, and refuse to reach out to the denimed disenchanted? Probably. They'll pretend reach out by acting like "liberal" Republicans. The Bill Clinton model is still the accepted archetype. They'll blow it all though away by assuming their 'redneck' is even looking for "Republican Light". He's not. And he's not looking at "Democrats" in particular either. An independent populist with real guts, brains and style could harness this vote. (unfortunately so could a new Hitler). I don't see any Democrats with major creds that could really appeal to this crowd as President. Hillary could learn to ride steers and it still won't help her here. Ditto Biden, Obama, & Kerry. Gore still has an outside chance. These so-called 'Rednecks' probably just stayed home from the polls out of disenchantment more than anything. The Dems may have won by default due to this GOP malaise. I wouldn't expect the same outcome in 2008 though. By then God(dess) only knows what an awful mess these madmen will have led us all into.
agreed but 20.Nov.2006 00:09


the next two years (until the elections come, and everything gets shitty with the spectacle focusing on the elections, in which the absolute best case scenario is obama winning with laduke running on the green ticket) are golden for agitating or mutual aid with the goal of ending state power.

the democrats are whores to the moneyed interests and only pretend to represent the working class. just the most recent example, their support for nuclear technology transfer to India proves that. but at least bush is kindof off the gas pedal to global annihilation. perfect time to point out the convergence of the two political parties.