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SDS/MDS Northwest Conference

THIS WEEKEND - Portland Students for a Democratic Society (PDXSDS) is hosting the First Northwest Regional SDS/MDS conference November 17th-19th. The opening plenary and registration are to be held at Reed College's Psychology Building on Friday evening beginning at 6pm. Reed is located at 3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard. Workshops and discussion groups will be going on all day (9am registration, but come by whenever) in the Miller Building at Lewis and Clark (0615 SW Palatine Hill Road) from November 18-19th.
SDS is currently trying to form a radical, multi-issue, democratically organized group that is broad and inclusive - encompassing of the Left. A sister organization, Movement for a Democratic Society, was also created for those who did not consider themselves students.

We would like to extend an invitation to all activists and activist groups to attend the conference and actively participate in it. There is no admissons fee, workshops on various topics are planned, along with attendance by several Portland activist gropus. If you would like more information on the conference go to:

A free shuttle to Lewis and Clark leaves from outside Nordstrom's in Pioneer Square (SW 6th and Morrison). The schedule can be found here (be sure to check the weekend listing!):  http://www.lclark.edu/dept/parking/shuttle.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.newsds.org/nwregional
phone: phone: 2695691990
address: address: 0615 SW Palatine Hill Road

OutReach?? 17.Nov.2006 13:12


I have heard of this group starting up but didn't know it's status. Wondering why there was no outreach to groups like Students for Unity at PSU and PCC? I have seen no flyers for this event at any of the other schools. We can either work together or further act like we have to re-invent the wheel while not actually supporting each other.

If your goal is a broad coalition then I would suggest you work on outreach to let other groups know you exist. It looks like your having a lot of great workshops, just wish I didn't make other plans already.

SDS history 24.Nov.2006 09:49

kid of sds parents

It doesn't help to have a broad inclusive platform- you need to decide what you stand for or you will just become an "influence" group like ISO (who has backed both Green (NON-socialist) and even Repulblican (really really non-socialist) candidates.

What will you stand for?

Look at what's happening in Germany, where they're merging all these left groups with the one who has power- under the "left" unity party, service jobs have been cut by the thousands, welfare benefits have been slashed, and a bourgoise bank has been bailed out. Yet the votes to broaden the unity keep coming.

What do you stand for? It is an important question. Politics is not a game, it affects lives. What are you willing to barter to gain power? People's jobs? People's medicine? The compromises go too far.