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UCLA Police Taser Student For Not Showing ID

Your papers, please! Youtube video of a student's cell phone camera depicting a creeping fascism.

Watching this video, I immediately thought of a radio commentary I did last year called "A Creeping Fascism" [  http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=14089 ] which was inspired by this video of Utah police breaking up a peaceful rave party with helicopters, camoflage and military rifles:
They said the party goers didn't have a proper permit.

I can't help but think that these are the kind of abuses (by redcoats against American citizens) that lead to the Boston Massacre, which of course led to the American Revolution.

Gossip Heard Around the Coffee (Award) Pot 16.Nov.2006 14:01

con leche

When queried--behind closed doors, on sealed record--will the cop say that he feared for his life?

why don't the students stop them? 16.Nov.2006 14:31

just me

I watched this video earlier today and found myself in a rage, nearly weeping with frustration as the police shock this kid again and again and again. But part of my frustration was at the many students gathered nearby. They were yelling, screaming for the cops to stop. But some kind of conditioning and fear kept them from doing the only truly moral thing in response: stopping these cops from their brutality, by force if necessary.

I realize the cops were armed, but a well aimed coffee mug or two, a baseball bat or any number of handy household objects could have given the witnesses the means to stop this violent attack, if only because they outnumbered the cops.

I hope that I never witness such brutality in person. I will certainly, if I do, impose my own body into the fray, and attempt to stop the perpetrators by whatever means I have at hand. Allowing such abuse to continue is a crime in itself, though of course understandable in a world where we are trained to never confront authority. It's time to break that training.

... 16.Nov.2006 17:11


That was...Disturbing.
I just had a shiver run down my spine.

the problem with non-lethal weapons... 16.Nov.2006 19:06

this thing here

... is that there's no reperscussions for authorrities to use them for the most arbitrary of reasons.

even when people die due to heart failure.

"what are you complaining about? at least i didn't shoot him. you keep running your mouth and i'll light you up, punk. hey, c'mere you..."

Aww..."Community Service Officers", they were... 16.Nov.2006 23:12


The boss cop on the gang-up party says, "If he was able to walk out of here, I think he was OK," leading to the the conclusion that the "(p)olice said they thought Tabatabainejad was not harmed in the incident."

Probably most telling, from the video, is the spectacle of the gang victim, screaming, writhing on the floor with jolts going through him and one (more?) of the cretinous bulls yelling, exercising "authority", repeating and repeating, over and over, "stand up! stand up! stand up! stand up! stand up!......."

Where do they find these borderline imbecilic sociopaths?

This happened at UCLA. What's the record of police gangs roaming campi around here, bullying students, reinforcing state authority in the guise of "conducting random checks"?

agree just me... 17.Nov.2006 12:13

stingybrim notmilk.com

conditioning yes, when will the ball start rolling. what will it take for you to defend yourself, to defend another? how many of us would have not acted, defended another who was being attacked? rage, focus, defend yourself... live love