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Just got word from Lauren Regan that Jeff Hogg has been released!!!!
His partner, Cecelia ia on her way to pick him up in Grants Pass!! This is wonderful news!!!!

for more info about Jeff Hogg:
... 15.Nov.2006 16:22

Lasuren Regan, ED, Civil Liberties Defense Center

Jeff Hogg, a Eugene citizen who has been imprisoned for 6 months for
failing to cooperate with a federal grand jury allegedly
investigating the Green Scare was ordered released from jail today!
Last week the remaining 4 Oregon Green Scare defendants admitted
responsibility for their crimes which resolved the Oregon case. We
believe at this time that that resolution has opened the jail cell
doors for Jeff; and his family and friends anxiously await his return
from Grants Pass Jail tonite!!!
Thank you all for your continued support for Jeff!

finally! 15.Nov.2006 16:32


a small bit of good news in a depressing moment. thank you so much for posting the update!

Came from Paul Loney 15.Nov.2006 16:57

stu sugarman

Source of info about Jeff's release was Jeff's lawyer Paul Loney, who fought with the prosecutor to obtain Jeff's release. When Paul threatened to file more motions, the prosecutors blinked and let Jeff out. Then Paul then notified Jeff's support. Paul of course is thrilled Jeff is or soon will be free and seeks no attention. Personally, I hope people are able to call Paul, write him, and otherwise let him know how much they appreciate Paul Loney's hard work.

yay 15.Nov.2006 17:13


this is great news. i'm very happy.

Absolutely! 15.Nov.2006 17:17

Gumby Cascadia

I'm sorry for failing to give Paul HUGE props for all his hard work, provided pro bono! What's your drink of choice, Paul... we'll send you a case!!!]


Paul is da man! 15.Nov.2006 18:19


I agree with Stu Sugarman about letting Paul Loney know how thankful we are for attornies like himself and Lauren Regan!

Paul and Lauren have helped many people for years who might not have had a quality defense without them.
Stu Sugarman has done the same.

Comrades I salute you!

How can we contact Paul? 16.Nov.2006 08:55

Does he read this site?

I think Portland's activist lawyers ROCK! Which says a lot, considering what I usually think about lawyers. Stu and Paul are two of my very, very favorite lawyers of all time. I do not know either personally (I think I met Stu once), but their work is very well known and much appreciated throughout the activist community. We know you've got our backs, guys!

So how can I get words of appreciation to Paul? Does he read the site here?

JEFF!!!!!! 16.Nov.2006 11:10


This is great news. Now he can get back to nursing school. If anyone has a little cash laying around, I bet Jeff could use it to buy some books.

Paul Loney's address 16.Nov.2006 13:08


Paul T Loney, Attorney At Law
3430 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214 - 4247

Paul's # 16.Nov.2006 20:58


Paul's # is 503.234.2694. His email is  blc@hevanet.com