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Corporate Owned Media and its Negative Effects on Democracy

This is a little off topic, as it isnt news. I am writing a research paper for college on... "Only five corporations own the majority of news outlets; that fact has negativily impacted the democracy in the United States."
I am trying to find good examples and sources on how it HAS ACTUALLY had negative impacts that have EFFECTED us and how it is bad for democracy.

I need to have this done by monday. Right now I am looking at the war in iraq, the 2000 election, public relation campaigns, and health reason. If anybody has good examples of how mass media is bad for democracy when it comes to these reasons, and I need specific cases, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has any big topics they think are important, please feel free to suggest them. I have done a bunch of research but I need some more hard facts on why it is bad for democracy, and not so much opinon. Please, if anyone could help, it would be great.

Also, if people are knowledgable about how other news fuctions work in other countries, that works better than ours, or the reasons our media was better back in the day before it news became a conglomerate, it would be awesome.

Ohio 2004 15.Nov.2006 16:48

GreenPartyMike ollamhfaery@earthlink.net

Try the complete complicity and whiteout surrounding the Ohio Electoral Theft in 2004.

If you want more, please contact myself at  ollamhfaery@earthlink.net

I still have my IndyMedia story from being in Ohio 2004. I was one of 9 from Minnesota who went there.

Michael Cavlan

heck, monday's a long way off 15.Nov.2006 21:23


as far as the iraq occupation goes, i would look at the johns hopkins study published a month or so ago in the british journal "lancet." fair's (fairness and accuracy in reporting) website has a link or two to some clarification of the methodology, refered to by the pres as, "pretty well discredited." i don't know about you, but if the big five haven't been forthcoming about a one-hundred-fold increase in the estimated number of iraqi deaths, that smacks of a subversion of democracy.