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IPRC Robbed!

Portland's Independent Publishing Resource Center was robbed Sunday night, losing a G5, two monitors, some cash and odds & ends.
Portland Independent Publishing Resource Center, a nonprofit devoted to facilitating creative expression, was broken into and robbed on Sunday night sometime after 8 p.m.
Thieves stole our main computer (an apple G5), which housed the records for our library of over 5500 zines, our member/user database, and more.
Theives also took two computer monitors, and in true grinchy fashion, the covers of the couch cushions (presumably to carry away our items).
If you know anything about this robbery, or can help in some way,
please email our temporary email address:
or call
(503) 827 0249


homepage: homepage: http://www.iprc.org
phone: phone: (503) 827-0249

backup 15.Nov.2006 07:38


Did you have files backed up? Take care...