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GERMANY: 20.000 police men (!) secure nuclear waste transport against mass protests

From Friday 10th of November, around 20,000 German police are being mobilised to guard the transportation of highly radioactive nuclear waste from France to Germany in containers called "Castor". The destination is Gorleben a village in northern Germany in a region called the Wendland. Protest actions are planned throughout France and Germany, especially along the last 50 kilometres of the route on rail (expected for Sunday) and the final 20 kilometres by road (expected in the night to Monday) For many activists this years Castor transport is a prelude to the protests against the next G8 summit in Germany in June 2007, where many groups call for blockades motivated by past experiences in the Wendland.


Castor 2006 - Nuclear waste transport in Germany

Anti-nuclear activists on Saturday delayed a waste train from northern France to northern Germany by several hours, said the French reprocessing company, Areva.

The train carrying 12 Castor train storage caskets was held up before Serqueux near Rouen because activists were near the track. Two years ago a protester was killed when he was sucked under a Castor train train.