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Bay Area: Contempt Hearing for Nadia Winstead, Friday, November 17

Nadia Winstead is scheduled for a contempt hearing on Friday, November 17 at 11am.

There will be a demonstration in support of her resistance to the grand jury preceding the hearing, details to be announced in a few days.

WHEN: Friday, November 17th, Demonstration: TBA, Hearing: 11am
WHERE: In front of the San Francisco Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate (between Polk and Larkin)
Please join Nadia and her supporters in their stand against this unjust grand jury.

Nadia and several other animal rights advocates were originally subpoenaed to
testify before a San Francisco federal grand jury investigating animal- and
eco-liberation activists in late May of 2005. After numerous hearings and motions,
Nadia appeared before the grand jury in August 2006, asserting her Fifth Amendment
right to remain silent. She was granted immunity, but still refused to talk. At the
end of the day, she was dismissed from the grand jury pending further action. In
September, at a preliminary contempt hearing, Nadia filed a motion for disclosure