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LIE that Org. Crime Linked Pelosi 'automatically' Speaker; John Conyers is MOST SENIOR

PELOSI IS A NEOCON ORGANIZED CRIME PLANT. Get rid of her! [1] Pelosi didn't even care about the vote fraud in the electoral college vote 2004 AGAINST her own party. She didn't even support questioning the fraud. [2] Pelosi called Hugo Chavez a "thug" for the Venezuelan President's "diablo" remarks about Bush. Pelosi thus defending Bush, when Bush is the real thug: Bush tried to oust Chavez in a bloody 2002 coup, Bush invaded and killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush gave Israel green light to pulverize Lebanon and kill over a thousand civilians, and Bush is the thug who tortures prisoners in U.S. custody." [3] "Pelosi, as bought as she is, is only the front. If you check immediately to her rear and everywhere else at her victory speech, you will find her handler, carefully tugging the strings, doing his ballet. None other than Mr. Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman and U.S. Representative from Illinois 5th District Dual American-Israeli Citizen Rahm Emanuel. This character has a resume that will never stand the light of day, and is worth a good long hard look..." [4] Particularly because of the Pelosi family links to Italian-Jewish organized crime historically. Her father, Thomas D'Alessandro, of U.S. Military Intelligence, allied with WWII right wing Lucky Luciano's U.S. Mafia. After WWII, Pelosi's father "D'Alessandro...elected Mayor of Baltimore in 1947...when Luciano's mob had a virtual free reign in...Baltimore [and shipped in the CIA's heroin that way]. It would appear that Ms. Pelosi has forgotten that her Mafia-linked father dealt with right wing thugs on a routine basis."
Pelosi, one degree of separation from...
Pelosi, one degree of separation from...
...(Meyer-Lansky/)Lucky Luciano org crime; Luciano 'tight' with Pelosi's father
...(Meyer-Lansky/)Lucky Luciano org crime; Luciano 'tight' with Pelosi's father
Just how cozy is Pelosi with AIPAC?

Now that Pelosi is "slated to become Speaker of the House," let's take a closer look at just how much she supports the zionist cause and vice versa, and why strict seniority in the Democratic Party would make JOHN CONYERS the House Speaker.

Posted Nov 9, 2006 09:04 AM PST

Why is Pelosi assumed to be speaker? It's an elected position. Normally the most senior Representative is elected Speaker when the Congress first meets.

But unless I am mistaken, John Conyers is the senior Representative, not Pelosi.

WE THE PEOPLE need to start lobbying the new Representatives right now to elect John Conyers as Speaker of the House, because rest assured, the Israeli spies at AIPAC are already doing their best to shove Pelosi, who has promised NOT to impeach the liar in chief, down our throats.

If anyone has a list of the new congress with contact info, please forward. I need to put together an activist page.


Just how cozy is Pelosi with AIPAC?

Now that Pelosi is slated to become Speaker of the House, let's take a closer look at just how much she supports the zionist cause and vice versa.

Political observers say it's no surprise that the congresswoman from San Francisco considers herself close to the Jews.

The daughter of Thomas D'Alesandro Jr., a former mayor of Baltimore, Pelosi grew up in a Democratic family with Jewish neighbors and friends.

"She likes to say that, growing up in Baltimore, she went to a bar or bat mitzvah every Saturday," Amy Friedkin, a former president of AIPAC and a friend of Pelosi's for 25 years, wrote in an e-mail message to JTA.

Friedkin noted that there's even a soccer field in the Haifa area of Israel named after the lawmaker's family.

Really??? Wow. Impressive.

How many Catholic Americans do you think have israeli land dedicated to their families?

Well, now you know one.

While the Republicans had campaigned partly on the premise that support for Israel among Democrats has waned, exit polls from Tuesday's voting show that Democrats won an overwhelming majority of the Jewish vote.

With Pelosi as speaker, Jewish activists and officials are confident that the U.S. Congress will remain strongly pro-Israel.

"I've heard her say numerous times that the single greatest achievement of the 20th century" was the founding of the modern state of Israel, Friedkin wrote.

"She has been a great friend of the U.S.-Israel relationship during her entire time in Congress and is deeply committed to strengthening that relationship."

Sam Lauter, a pro-Israel activist in San Francisco, has known Pelosi for nearly 40 years. He was 5 years old when the Pelosis moved into his San Francisco neighborhood, he recalls. The two families lived on the same street.

"She's one of the classiest," most "straightforward people you could ever meet," Lauter said. "She's incredibly loyal."

I'm sure she is - the question is TO WHOM?

Lauter said the Pelosis used to attend the first night of the Passover seder at his parents' house.

"As far as the Jewish community is concerned, she feels our issues in her soul," he said.

To illustrate his point, Lauter told a Pelosi story that has become almost legendary in the Jewish community.

At an AIPAC members luncheon in San Francisco right after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Pelosi was speaking when an alarm sounded.

"Everybody started getting nervous, scrambling toward the door," Lauter recalled.

One person, though, was reading the words of Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem, above the din.

It was Pelosi.

"It actually calmed the crowd," Lauter said. "You could see people actually smiling, saying 'Wow.' "

This "wasn't something done purposefully to show everyone that Nancy Pelosi supports the Jewish community," he said. It "actually came from inside her."

You would think that being an American congresswoman in America, that if any anthem 'came from inside' this woman's heart, it would be an AMERICAN one.

But, according to AIPAC and clan, putting America first would be anti-semitic.

Rabbi Doug Kahn, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council in San Francisco [is] confident that Pelosi, as speaker, will be effective in persuading people with a broad range of views on the Middle East, the importance of maintaining bipartisan support for Israel.

hen it comes to Israel, "she truly gets it," said Matt Dorf, a consultant to the Democratic National Committee. he gets "Israel's value and asset to U.S. security" and its "importance as the only democracy in the Middle East."

Jewish organizational officials also commend Pelosi's record on Jewish communal issues.

William Daroff, vice president for public policy for the United Jewish Communities, the federation system's umbrella group and a Republican himself, said the lawmaker has helped ensure federal funding of Jewish family service agencies and Jewish hospitals and has supported government programs and policies that Jewish organizations value, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

He also noted that Reva Price, Pelosi's liaison to the Jewish community for a year and a half, came from the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella group of local community relations councils.

Bringing on board such an insider was "really a masterful stroke,"Daroff said.

Price, he added, has done a wonderful job of playing "traffic cop" with Jewish organizations and in making sure that Pelosi's agenda is in tune with that of the Jewish community.

She's been "a real champion of making sure the Jewish community is well served,"Daroff said of the lawmaker. "I'm sure she'll continue to be a champion."

Forgive me if what I'm about to say sounds a tad insensitive to the Jewish cause, but WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US?!!



DO TELL ME, please.

However, I should give credit where credit is do.

Pelosi isn't completely controlled by zionists. Occasionally, a sliver of inner conscience peers through the thick zionist exterior to catch a glimmer of daylight.

Some Republicans, in fact, questioned Pelosi's support for Israel this summer.

The congresswoman ended up removing her name as a co-sponsor from a House resolution supporting the Jewish state during its war with Hezbollah because it did not address the protection of civilians.

So, there is some hope, albeit very little.

God knows, I didn't hear her cry foul yesterday when 17 women and children were murdered in their sleep by israeli shells.

Maybe they weren't 'civilian' enough for her.


Pelosi, as bought as she is, is only the front. If you check immediately to her rear and everywhere else at her victory speech, you will find her handler, carefully tugging the strings, doing his ballet. None other than Mr. Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman and U.S. Representative from Illinois 5th District Dual American-Israeli Citizen Rahm Emanuel. This character has a resume that will never stand the light of day, and is worth a good long hard look by any of "us" who still think of ourselves as Americans.


Sep. 21, 2006 -- House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Hugo Chavez a "thug" for the Venezuelan President's "diablo" remarks about George W. Bush. Pelosi was speaking at a Washington news conference today when she denounced Chavez as a thug and said he demeaned himself and Venezuela.

Pelosi seems to forget that it is a thug who tried to oust Chavez in a bloody 2002 coup, a thug who has invaded and killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, a thug who gave Israel the green light to pulverize Lebanon and kill over a thousand civilians, and a thug who wants to torture prisoners in U.S. custody.

And while Pelosi was calling Chavez a thug, he was busy negotiating the sale of cheap heating oil to the people of Harlem.

When was the last time Ms. Pelosi did anything to provide cheap commodities to the poor?

Perhaps Ms. Pelosi is a bit confused by the term "thug."

Her father, Thomas D'Alessandro, broadcast wartime radio messages to Italy exhorting Italians to rise up against Benito Mussolini. An ally in the program to get Italians to revolt was none other than Mafia don Charles "Lucky" Luciano, who, after the war, was paroled from a federal prison and deported to Italy where he continued to run the Mafia in exile. D'Alessandro was elected Mayor of Baltimore in 1947 -- a time when Luciano's mob had a virtual free reign in the port of Baltimore. It would appear that Ms. Pelosi has forgotten that her mobbed up dear old dad dealt with thugs on a routine basis. Perhaps she should remember that the next time she has an urge to call a democratically-elected real populist leader (Pelosi does not know the meaning of the term "populist") a "thug."

Visit Krissy Keefer's web site, the Green candidate for the House to replace Nancy Pelosi from the California 8th Congressional District. Keefer is endorsed by WMR.



Charles "Lucky" Luciano (born Salvatore Lucania) (November 24, 1897 - January 26, 1962) was a notable Italian-American mobster. Luciano is considered the father of modern organized crime and the mastermind of the massive postwar expansion of the international heroin trade, which was organized internationally with help of the U.S. CIA and George H. W. Bush in particular.

Luciano was born Salvatore Lucania in the village of Lercara Friddi, located approximately 16 miles (26 km) east of Corleone, in Sicily. At the age of ten, his family moved to the United States. Growing up on the Lower East Side, he earned money in his younger years by getting kids to pay for his "protection", and, in true Mafia style, whoever wouldn't pay him one or two cents a day for his service would get beaten up.

One kid refused to pay, and when Luciano tried to beat him up, the kid gave him a good fight: The kid's name was Meyer Lansky, another legendary mobster in the making.

The Lansky's have Bush family connections:

Title: ISRAELI MOVERS connects Jewish Mafia, Saudis,9-11 FL flight schools, Bush Senior, drugs...

Title: Pre-Hurricane Katrina "urban renewal" buy-up of 25% New Orleans by alleged 9-11 mafia links

Title: book chapter: Drug Running Bush Family and their Fake War on Drugs: Police as drug pushers
Author: tarpley
Date: 2004.05.31 09:11
Description: But the whole truth is much uglier. We have documented in detail how the Iran-contra drug-running and gun-running operations run out of Bush's own office played their role in increasing the heroin, crack, cocaine, and marijuana brought into this country. ...Documents found by Burdick in the Dade County land records office show that USA Racing, the company operated by Aronow which built the Blue Thunder catamarans for the Customs service was not owned by Aronow, but rather by a one Jack J. Kramer in his capacity of president of Super Chief South Corporation. Jack Kramer had married a niece of Meyer Lansky. Jack Kramer's son Ben Kramer was thus the great nephew and one of the putative heirs of the top boss of the US crime syndicate, Meyer Lansky. Ben Kramer was also a notorious organized crime figure in his own right. On March 28, 1990 Jack Kramer and Ben Kramer were both found guilty of 23 and 28 counts (respectively) of federal money laundering charges.

IT WAS THROUGH Lansky that Luciano met Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, an aspiring youthful hit man.

Both Siegel and Lansky were Jewish, causing Luciano's alliance with them to be frowned upon by other members of the Sicilian community.

By 1916, Luciano joined the "Five Points Gang", who were suspected by the police of being involved in many murders. New York City crime bosses started taking notice of him, and by 1920, when the Prohibition was passed, Luciano was working for various gangsters as a bootlegger and meeting future legendary mafiosi such as Frank Costello and Vito Genovese.

Many old time mafiosi recommended Luciano stay away from Costello.

Luciano ignored the advice and maintained his friendship with Costello, who introduced him to mobsters, politicians and powerbrokers of other nationalities, such as William O'Dwyer, Dutch Schultz and Arnold Rothstein.

Castellammarese War and rise through the ranks

By the 1920s, Luciano became one of the leaders of another mafia family, that of Joe "The Boss" Masseria, while disagreeing with Masseria's bigoted mistrust of everyone who wasn't Sicilian.

Luciano knew from his own experience the Sicilians were wasting an opportunity to make more profit by shunning associations with other ethnic groups.

In 1930, the Castellammarese War broke out, putting Masseria and his men against fellow Sicilian Salvatore Maranzano. When Maranzano gained the upper hand, Luciano, along with Vito Genovese, betrayed Masseria and threw their support behind Maranzano while also secretly plotting to turn against him.

Luciano reasoned that he would become boss after both Masseria and Maranzano had been eliminated.

By 1931, Luciano was so eager to gain power and become a boss that he, along with Lansky, planned the assassination of Masseria at a Coney Island restaurant while Luciano washed his hands in the bathroom.

Maranzano, having won the Castellammarese War thanks to Luciano and his friends, made Luciano his second in command. Ultimately this was just part of a Maranzano plot to have Luciano, Genovese, Frank Costello and the young mafiosi's Jewish friends eliminated.

When Luciano and Lansky learned of this, they arranged to have four of Lansky's associates, disguised as government agents, go to Maranzano's office and murder him. Afterwards, the gang reportedly met the Irishman Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll, who had been hired by Maranzano to kill Luciano and Genovese, coming up the stairs. Not knowing Coll was the intended assassin, they told him the police were raiding the place, and Coll fled too.

Formation of the Commission

With the killings of Masseria and Maranzano completed, Luciano was able to achieve his vision by joining the major organized crime groups of different ethnicities in New York in what eventually became a national crime syndicate. Unlike Maranzano, who had tried to impose himself as the "Emperor" (technically, capo di tutti capi, "boss of bosses") in an organization modeled after the Roman Empire, Luciano organized a decentralized structure in which the major crime families divided up territories and spheres of activities and met, when necessary, to mediate differences between the various famiglias.

This governing body was dubbed, "The Commission" (La Commissione).

This structure served to prevent the all-out wars that had wracked the Mafia in the 1930s while allowing organized crime to grow even richer and more entrenched.

In 1936, prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey managed to obtain Luciano's conviction for pandering, on evidence that was almost certainly perjured to some extent. Luciano was sentenced to 30 to 50 years (being sent to the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate Dannemora) and served 10 years.

Even while Dewey was prosecuting him, Luciano took steps to prevent Dutch Schultz from going through with his plan to assassinate Dewey, arranging for Schultz to be murdered when it became clear he could not be deterred. Dewey used his fame from the Luciano trial for political ends. He was elected in 1942 as the governor of New York, and he was selected in 1944 and 1948 as Republican nominee for president of the United States.

World War II, freedom, and deportation

During WWII the U.S. government is reported to have covertly made a deal with Luciano, who was by then imprisoned. U.S. military intelligence was aware Luciano had maintained good connections in the Sicilian and Italian Mafia, which had been severely persecuted under Mussolini in Italy. (Thus, Pelosi's father was likely involved in U.S. Military Intelligence long before WWII).

Luciano was an American devoted to Sicily, the Mafia, and a very hard 'independent' right wing view of the USA, seen in his working against the Nazis in Europe though right wing himself.

His help was sought in providing Mafia assistance to counter possible Axis infiltration on U.S. waterfronts as well as U.S. corporate Government repression desired against labor unionism on the waterfronts, which 'hired' the Mob for that purpose of private repression.

Luciano and his organized crime connections in Italy and Sicily were tapped to furnish intelligence and ensure an easy passage for U.S. forces as they moved up through the Italian peninsula.

Both during and after the war, the U.S. military and intelligence agencies reputedly also used Luciano's Mafia connections to root out Communist influence in resistance groups and local governments, as well as 'rooting' out common labor unionism as well that was not Communist.

In return for his being a good stooge in his cooperation, it is claimed that Luciano was permitted to run his crime empire unhindered from his jail cell, and that during the 1940s, he used to meet US military men during train trips throughout Italy, and he enjoyed being recognized by his countrymen, several times taking photos and even signing autographs for them.

In 1946, as part of the payoff for his cooperation, he was paroled on the condition that he leave the United States and return to Italy. Then, Luciano would have likely been working under or with Pelosi's father in the WWII propoganda campaign.

He accepted the deal, although he had maintained during his trial that he was a native of New York City and was therefore not subject to deportation, but was deeply hurt about having to leave the USA, a country he had considered his own ever since his arrival at age ten. Later that year, he flew to Cuba for the Havana Conference, where he retook control of the American heroin syndicate for the forming American OSS (later the CIA).

At the meeting, Luciano ordered the execution of Siegel, who had cost the Mafia millions by opening money-losing casinos in Las Vegas.

When the US government learned of Luciano's presence in the Caribbean (likely with authorization of its OSS on the side, with his Pelosi's father contacts) he was forced to fly back to Italy.

Involvement in U.S. heroin trade

According to drug trade expert Dr Alfred W. McCoy, during the 1950s Luciano forged a crucial alliance with the Corsican Mafia, who were reputed to be even tougher and more dangerous than the Sicilians-the so-called "French Connection".

This new super-syndicate oversaw a massive increase in the production, refining and distribution of heroin, which had been all but eliminated as an addiction problem during World War II. Using opium sourced mainly from Turkey, heroin was refined and distributed via an elaborate network based in the Corsican Mafia stronghold of Marseilles in France. Heroin was additionally coming from the Golden Triangle, then dominated by French intelligence networks in the heroin trade.

Heroin soon began flooding into America and Europe, making notable inroads into vulnerable areas such as the American jazz scene, thanks to the Mafia's increasing takeover of music venues and other facets of the entertainment industry.

The influence of heroin on American institutions continued well beyond Luciano's death.

Later years

Later in life Luciano came into conflict with Lansky over the amount of money he was receiving from Mafia operations in the early 1960s, but his failing health prevented him from putting up a fight on the matter.

In 1962, Luciano died of a heart attack at the age of 64 at Naples International Airport. He was buried in St. John's Cemetery in the borough of Queens in New York City, after a federal court ruled his burial on United States soil could not be blocked on the grounds that a corpse is not a citizen of any country and is therefore not subject to immigration control or deportation laws.

On the day of his "fatal heart attack," Luciano had plans to sell the rights of his life's story to a movie maker. This would have certainly gotten into Pelosi's father's connections to him through U.S. Intelliegence in WWII, as well as interactions between Pelosi's father as Mayor of Baltimore and the "free reign" that Luciano's organized crime had over the Baltimore docks with her father's acquiescence or even encouragement.

The Mob disliked the idea and had tried unsuccessfully to change his mind.

It has been hypothesized that Luciano's heart attack was a result of poisoning by the Mafia.



Pelosi Dems STAND FOR NOTHING "aren't for impeachment or auditable elections." 08.May.2006 16:34
enablers of fascism watch link

The Bush Regime has something on Pelosi:


Title: Sen. Boxer's press conference on CSPAN2 censored; Senate live coverage censored on CSPAN2, Pelosi inserted instead quickly to talk about anything except the Electoral College vote and Senator Barbara Boxer's documented press conference challenge.

Author: imcista
Date: 2005.01.06 10:27

CSPAN originally announced that one channel would be covering Senate and one covering the House counting of the Electoral Votes. Fair enough I thought.

Next, before that, CSPAN2 actually had half of Sen. Boxer's press conference describing myriad problems with the Ohio voting infrastructure that showed systemic vote fraud. HOWEVER, IT WAS CENSORED. DURING THE BOXER PRESS CONFERENCE, which was framed as a series of questions about all the different levels of fraud, CSPAN TWO CUT AWAY FROM HER, MUTED a Senator's voice to nothingness, and an anonymous voice came on and described "at this time, Senators and Representatives are moving to their respective houses, etc." and we saw several minutes of senators and representatives walking over, without anything actually going on, while someone made a decision to remove Sen. Boxer's statement from the visual live record, and move her to a smaller MUTE screen in the bottom left-hand corner while we saw silent Congress people walking, and walking, and walking.

The walking had very important sound coverage. Sen. Boxer did not!

Then CSPAN put up Pelosi and she avoided the whole topic of vote fraud, and CSPAN at present is not covering the counting like the said earlier they would.


Nancy Pelosi...is going down in a rash of fake nervous smiles, etc.

I want to know what went on behind the cameras at CSPAN this afternoon to put Nancy fake Democrat Pelosi on the screen to hide the challenge to the Senate counting of Electoral Votes. AT this moment, CSPAN2 is denying coverage of the Senate, and only showing the House.

Why in the hell do we want to see the head representative of Democratic complicity of the vote fraud, Pelosi talk about social security at this moment? Well, perhaps I answered my own question there.

However, immediately after her short introtalk about her press conference on social security, one of the many questions to Pelosi started to talk about the Electoral College instead.

She was adamant she did not want to talk about it.

However, the reporter was insistent she veer away from her spiel on social security at this moment that she was actually missing from the Congress where the Electoral College was already debating the issue--while Pelosi was conspicuously absent.

Because she is there, does this mean that she is running away from the Electoral College floor at present at well? Sure looks like it. And the press in this moment, is hardly buying Pelosi's scams and are steering her back to the Electoral College issue, which made her look like a deer in the headlights.

Polosi was straightfowardly asked "Do you support Sen. Boxer's challenge of Ohio Electoral College Vote?"

Pelosi refuses to answer the question directly at all. Instead she describes the systemic vote fraud issues, etc., etc., however, she says she will vote to certify. She calls it an "opportunity to talk about making everyone's vote count" or something like that. So, Pelosi after a longwinded discussion of avoiding supporting or denying support to Boxer, was point blank at last asked by the repoter once more

reporter: "So, you support Senator Boxer?

Pelosi [with a fake smile that is about to break and fall on the floor, lots of swallowing and very visible nervousness]: "I didn't say that."


pic from the press conference CSPAN censored! ~~ 06.Jan.2005 18:45
as described above link

United States Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) discuss their filing of their formal objection to the certification of President Bush. (Mannie Garcia - Reuters)


Yeah, why _did_ you vote for Kerry? 08.Jan.2005 19:37
Non voter link

You were told repeatedly and clearly, (especially by one of the few political journals with any balls  http://www.counterpunch.org ) that the choice between Kerry and Bush was a bogus choice and that the Greens under Cobb were a stalking horse for the Democrats. The only possible "protest vote" (if you believe in the sham of representative electoral democracy) were Nader or Badnardik.

whining about how you were tricked at this stage of the game is just irritating.


remember whom you are dealing with 08.May.2006 17:31
people link

George Bush the First is connected to many assassinations. Senator Daschle questioned the Patriot Act and got anthrax mailed to him!

It will take massive public support for the Dems to go through with impeachment. WE CAN DO IT! We are led by thugs and assassins.

Expose 911 too!


don't want to piss you off but... 08.May.2006 18:21
me link

Most of the Republicans who won't vote Republican in the fall are pissed at the Republicans, but they aren't that crazy about the Democrats either. They may just stay home and not vote.

Most middle of the road voters who have voted Republican in the past will vote Democrat in the fall, but its more of a vote against republicans not a vote for Democrats.

Hard core democrats want Bush Impeached, but most americans only want problems fixed, not endless hearings about what Bush knew and when he knew it. The Democrat leadership knows the country doesn't want two years of that, but have to balance it without pissing off the democrat base for 2008. They will throw the base some red meat, but don't expect to get full.

If it looks like Bush will be Impeached, he will resign and President Cheney will pardon him, you can bet on it, then Cheney may resign as well, giving you President Hasstert, and the democrat leadership wants to run Campaign Against Bush (even if he isn't running again) in 2008, not Hasstert or Condi Rice..

Newt thought that Impeaching Clinton was a good idea and even as late as Election day he expected to pick up as many as 25 seats. As I remember they lost seats in 1998.

Spineless Pelosi 09.May.2006 07:48
Eric Blair link

A letter campaign should be started forthwith to Madam Pelosi that if she doesn't start talking the impeachment talk, she just might not get to enjoy becoming House Speaker when the Democrats gain the majority there.

Here's her e-mail address. Send her a loud and clear message NOW.



Meanwhile, This is the very different stuff Conyers is involved in:

Title: Conyers: "Maintenance" violates state and federal laws
Author: secrets secrets
Date: 2004.12.16 05:28
Description: Congressman John Conyers' request that the FBI investigates the actions of a voting equipment manufacturer in Hocking County, Ohio last week, includes the assertion that those actions may have violated two federal laws, and as many as four state statutes.

Title: Meeting Assembled By Conyers Mulls Seeking Bush's Impeachment Over Iraq
Author: From "Drudge Report"
Date: 2003.03.13 07:49
Description: Rep. Bill Conyers has brought together legal experts to consider drafting article of impeachment.

Title: JUST IN: 11/9/04, Congressional Letter, Widespread Voting Fraud
Author: Tom Paine
Date: 2004.11.09 11:40
Description: THIS JUST IN; Congressional Letter: Senior Judiciary Committee Democrats send follow up letter to GAO for Investigation of Voting Irregularities, Signed by, Rep. John Conyers, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Rep. Robert Wexler, Rep. Robert C. Scott, Rep. Melvin Watt, Rep. Rush Holt

Title: Conyers fighting for space in D.C.
Author: observer
Date: 2005.06.15 12:17
Description: In a sign of how far relationships on the House Judiciary Committee have soured, majority staff recently announced a new policy to deny any request from a committee Democrat for the use of a committee hearing room. (Meaning, minority Democrat chair, Congressman John Conyers.)

The friction goes back to December, 2004, when Conyers sought a Judiciary Committee investigation into irregularities in the Ohio vote count and related voter suppression.

The current issue is the Conyers demand for a Congressional investigation into the Downing Street Minutes and other evidence of impeachable offenses by the President, Vice-President and Secretary of Defense.

Conyers for House Speaker!