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Massacre in Beit Hanoun, Gaza

This is horrific, Israeli tanks have just shelled a group of a residences, killing 18 Palestinians and brutally wounding at least 40, all civilians. According to AP, Hamas military leadership has called off the truce with Israel, which was for the most part holding (on the part of Palestinians) since it's official end, December 31st, 2005. Accorting to the same AP article, Hamas leadership is calling for armed resistance to Israeli War Crimes to resume.
Casualties of the Beit Hanoun Israeli shelling are civilians including eight children
Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - Wednesday, 08 November 2006, 13:49

Twenty Palestinians were killed and at least forty were injured after the Israeli army shelled a civilian area in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Eight of the killed are children, all of the casualties are family members and relatives.

All of the killed residents are civilians, they were sleeping in their homes when the Israeli army shelled the civilian area.

The bodies of the casualties were severely mutilated as a result of the shelling, while the injured residents were sent to four hospitals across the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israel claimed that the shelling was not intended to hit the civilian houses, although initial sources claimed that the target was an areas where Qassam homemade shells are fired into Israeli areas.

Israel's Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni , "expressed regret for the deaths".

A senior Israeli military source confirmed that the army fired twelve shells and that the artillery fire was intended to hit an area half a kilometer from the houses of Beit Hanoun.

The source stated that "so far it is unclear whether this is a human error or a technical error", and added that the main assumption now is that the artillery unit was given wrong coordinates.

Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that the Israel Army Forces Chief of Staff, Dan Halutz, appointed Major General Meir Kalifi to head an investigation into the shelling.

The shelling to the civilian area continued for 15 minutes.

The IMEMC received the following list from the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA;

All of them are civilians, including children and infants

1. Malak Samir Al Athamna, 1 year-old.
2. Maisa' Ramzi Al Thamna, 3 year-old.
3. Fatima Al Athamna, 5 year-old.
4. Sa'ady Majdi Abu Amsha, 8 year-old.
5. Mahmoud Amjad Al Athamna, 12 year-old.
6. Mahdi Sa'ad Al Athamna, 13 year-old.
7. Mohammad Sa'ad Al Athamna, 14 year-old.
8. Arafat Sa'ad Al Athamna, 17 year-old.
9. Nihad Al Athamna, 23.
10. Samir Mahmoud Al Athamna, 23.
11. Mohammad Ramadan Al Athamna, 24.
12. Sana' Ahmad Al Athamna, 30.
13. Manal Ahmad Al Athamna, 33.
14. Deema Majdi Al Athamna.
15. Ala' Al Athamna.
16. Saqer Mohammad Adwan, 45.
17. Sabah Al Athamna, 45.
18. Masoud Abdullah Al Athamna, 55.
19. Ni'ma Ahmad Al Athamna, 57.
20. Fatima Ahmad Al Athamna, 70.

At least fourty residents were injured, some seriously as a result of the Israeli shelling to the civilian area.


Palestinian resistance responds to the army attacks on Beit Hannoun
Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Wednesday, 08 November 2006, 12:24

After the Israeli army killed 20 civilians in Beit Hannoun on Wednesday morning, Palestinian resistance retaliated by firing homemade shells at Israeli targets near the Gaza Strip.

At first, several homemade shells were fired at the Sofa border crossing east of the Gaza strip, the shells that were fried by fighters from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DLFP) landed and detonated near the crossing.

Meanwhile fighters of the Al Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of Fateh, along with a group of fighters from the DLFP claimed responsibility for firing five homemade shells at the Israeli negev town of Sderot.

Another group from the Al Aqsa brigades stated that its fighters fired homemade shell at a military air field east of Abassan area near Gaza city.

The group stated that its fighters planted a road-side homemade bomb that targeted an Israeli tank, in the northern part of the Gaza strip, and damaged it.

All resistance groups in Gaza vowed to continue resisting the Israeli occupation forces working in the Gaza strip and promised the Israeli army to a very hard responice to the crimes the Israeli troops did in Beit Hannoun.

The military opration in Beit Hannoun on Wednesday claimed the lives of 20 residents, including children, and left scores injured. The military opration came less then 12 hours after the Israeli army said that it ended its six day invasion to Beit Hannoun that claimed the life of 65 residents and left 90 wounded.


P.A Government: "Beit Hanoun attack disgraced the international community"
Palestine News Network - Wednesday, 08 November 2006, 13:55

Palestinian government spokesperson, Ghazi Hamad, said Wednesday that Israel is not a state, but rather a gang of criminals. The international community that Hamad says Israel disgraced in this morning's killings is being called upon. Prime Minister Ismail Haniya is calling for the international community in general, and the United Nations Security Council in particular, to intervene.

Israeli forces killed at least 20 Palestinians in an unexpected attack on a family home in Beit Hanoun after a week of attacks on the northern Gaza Strip.

The Israelis have killed at least 80 Palestinians in seven days, most of them in the town of Beit Hanoun.

Prime Minister Haniya called for an international committee to investigate the "war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people." He stressed internal unity and cohesion to face increasing Israeli aggression. In a statement given to reporters outside his Gaza City home after this morning's killings in Beit Hanoun, the Prime Minister said that dialogue to form a national unity government is temporarily on hold. He also called for a three-day period of national mourning.

Government Spokesperson Hamad said that the international community and the United Nations must stand firm. Hamad reiterated that Israel does not traditionally honor international law or the numerous UN resolutions drafted against them. Hamad said, "The American Administration granted the green light to the occupation government to commit murder and massacres."

The Government Spokesperson concluded, "We in the government emphasize the need to impose international sanctions on Israel and for the Arab League to protect the Palestinian people and provide urgent relief."
Reposting the aftermath reports 08.Nov.2006 11:49


It looks as if they kept shooting everyone who fled...


Israel kills 18 civilians in Gaza shelling

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza (Reuters) - Israeli artillery shells killed 18 Palestinian civilians in northern Gaza on Wednesday, local officials and witnesses said, prompting swift vows of retaliation from militant groups.

It was the deadliest single Israeli attack on Palestinians in four years.

"We saw legs, we saw heads, we saw hands scattered in the street," said Attaf Hamad, 22, in Beit Hanoun, a town in the northern
Gaza Strip that has been a launching ground for Palestinian militants' rocket attacks on

Later, Israeli aircraft bombarded Gaza City, killing two militants, a Palestinian security source and witnesses said.

The shelling was condemned across Europe and the Middle East. But an initial response by the United States stopped short of reprimanding Israel, whose prime minister, Ehud Olmert, is due to meet
President George W. Bush in Washington on Monday.

European Union said it was "appalled by the continuing killing of civilians" in Gaza and urged both sides to show restraint. The Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world's largest Islamic body, accused Israel of war crimes.

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered an inquiry, and a halt to shelling in Gaza until it was complete. The ministry said he would receive its findings on Thursday.

Some of the dead were killed in bed as shells struck seven houses, and others rushed outside but found no safety.

Thirteen members of one extended family were killed and the dead included seven children and four women, residents and the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Olmert's office said he and Peretz "voiced sorrow over the deaths of Palestinian civilians."

Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, called for restraint by all parties, adding: "We deeply regret the injuries and loss of life in Gaza today. We have seen the Israeli government's apology and hope their investigation will be completed quickly."


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke of a "horrible and ugly massacre."

Khaled Meshaal, leader of the governing Islamic militant group Hamas, urged retaliation. Hamas declared a partial truce in March 2005, which expired at the end of last year. It has not carried out a suicide bombing in Israel since 2004.

"All Palestinian groups are urged to activate resistance despite the difficult situation on the ground. Our confidence in our military wing to respond is great," said Meshaal, who is based in Damascus.

The Islamic Jihad militant group, which never accepted the ceasefire brokered by Abbas and Egypt, vowed to carry out suicide bombings in response to the Beit Hanoun strike.

Israeli police said they had gone on high alert.

Hamas's armed wing, decrying Washington's "political and financial support" for Israel, appeared to call on Muslims to attack U.S. targets, urging them "to teach the American enemy harsh lessons."

An Israeli military statement said the army had "fired preventative artillery at launch sites from which Qassam rockets were launched (on Monday) into Ashkelon," in southern Israel.

Israeli media said an artillery battery had missed its target, about 1 km (half a mile) from Beit Hanoun. An army spokeswoman could not confirm this.

"We fled the house only to be hunted outside. The shells killed my mother and sister and wounded all my siblings, said Asma al-Athamna, 14, who was hit by shrapnel.

In a rare show of unity, Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas donated blood together and visited a hospital in northern Gaza treating some of Beit Hanoun's 54 wounded.

But Haniyeh said he had suspended talks with Abbas on the creation of a technocrat unity government, an administration that Palestinians hope could prompt the West to ease sanctions imposed after Hamas came to power in March.

Israeli ground forces pulled out of Beit Hanoun on Tuesday after a week-long operation, aimed at curbing rocket attacks, that killed at least 52 Palestinians, more than half of them militants, hospital officials and residents said.

(Additional reporting by Jonathan Saul in Jerusalem and Wafa Amr in Ramallah)

photos of Beit Hanoun 08.Nov.2006 17:01


You will ask why his poetry
does not speak of dreams and leaves
Come and see the blood in the streets
Come and see the blood in the streets!
The streets of Beit Hanoun - 8/11/2006
The streets of Beit Hanoun - 8/11/2006
More streets of beit hanoun - 8/11/2006
More streets of beit hanoun - 8/11/2006
Children of Beit Hanoun 8/11/2006
Children of Beit Hanoun 8/11/2006

Have you heard this one? 08.Nov.2006 23:07


"The (fill in the blank) have a right to defend themselves."

If the Palestinians had, say, advanced fighter planes to confront a crudely equipped, economically bereft neighbor they might be content to render low level sonic booms day and night, rather than launch crude rockets. This is not to mention having and using cluster bombs, phosperous weapons, advanced armored vehicles and tanks and long range artillery. Who knows, they might even achieve "tragic accidents" on a curiously regular basis.

ISRAEL, WE BLESS THEE 10.Nov.2006 02:13


Israel, We Bless Thee

November 9th, 2006


Today, while driving through town, I wound up behind a minivan that had a big sticker on the back. The sticker had an Israeli flag in the middle of it, and under it the quotation from the book of Genesis that reads "I will bless those who bless thee."

I would like to take this time to list my own reasons for thanking and blessing Israel, our lone ally in the Middle East, for everything she has done for us, since I am quite sure most Americans are unaware of just what kind of friend she has been to us.

For extorting from me and my fellow Americans $4,000,000,000.00 a year for the last 4 decades, we bless thee.

For taking our most sophisticated weapons technology and stealing it for yourself without paying the American patent holders, we bless thee.

For taking that high-tech military technology and selling it to our enemies, such as the Russians and Chinese, thus further endangering us, we bless thee.

For using that weaponry in a sustained attack against a United States ship, the USS Liberty, in an attempt to sink her, thus preventing US servicemen from revealing to the rest of the world information concerning the war crimes they witnessed you commit against Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Desert during the Six Day War, as well as for the purposes of dragging the US into yet another one of your murderous adventures, we bless thee.

For killing 35 and wounding 170 American sailors aboard the USS Liberty, we bless thee.

For bribing the United States government into covering it up, preventing any justice from being done for the benefit of the families of the lost sailors - as well as the American People, we bless thee.

For sending your agents into Egypt and blowing up American buildings for the purpose of blaming the Arabs in an event known as the Lavon Affair, we bless thee.

For sending your agents into Libya during the Reagan administration, and broadcasting radio messages in Arabic that were designed to sound like "terrorist cell planning" so that the US would initiate military strikes against Khadafi in an event known as Operation Trojan Horse, we bless thee.

For withholding information from us concerning the planned attacks against the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, attacks you knew about through your moles in the Islamic world and about which you deliberately refused to warn us in order to further your interests against the Arabs, we bless thee.

For employing Jonathon Pollard, an American serviceman paid to spy for Israel in order to steal even more of our National Security secrets for your parasitic purposes, we bless thee.

For blackmailing President Clinton through one of your sayanim, Monica Lewinsky, in order to prevent a coherent peace program from being pushed forward between yourself and the Palestinian people whom you have brutalized and murdered for the last 50 years, we bless thee.

For breaking every agreement you have made with your Arab neighbors, stealing their land, displacing, murdering, and treating them like the animals you see them as, we bless thee.

For using your agents within the first Bush administration to involve us in the first Gulf War, causing the deaths of American men and women, and exposing our servicemen to whatever bioweapons were and are responsible which have led to Gulf War Syndrome, we bless thee.

For your role in the September 11 attacks in this country, and for blackmailing and bribing the US government into deporting back to Israel the 100 or more intelligence agents that were arrested after the attacks, we bless thee.

For suppressing the information from the American people of your involvement in the September 11 attacks and sending us in the wrong direction in search of answers, we bless thee.

For using one of your agents in the US Army Weapons Lab to steal anthrax and distribute it into our mail system, terrorizing US citizens and killing several in order to blame the Arabs, we bless thee.

For using your agents in the US Government, namely, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, and the rest into initiating this war in the Middle East so that you could bring to heel all the enemies you have made during the last 50 years, we bless thee.

For using your agents in the media to lie to us on a minute by minute basis about the war, lying to us as to how "just" this cause is, and what the real reasons behind it are, we bless thee.

For using your agents in the Christian Evangelical community, such as Falwell, Graham, Swaggert, Robertson and the rest who praise you as God's chosen people and further keep Americans in the dark about who you really are what you have done, and what you are truly about, we bless thee.

For bringing idiots like Limbaugh, Liddy, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly and Savage to the forefront as paid liars who will support you and further lead Americans astray, we bless thee.

For making America your attack dog, and for sending her sons and daughters to fight and die in all your future wars, we bless thee.

For using your influence in the media to hide the real statistics about the war, the dead and wounded on both sides, we bless thee.

For using us in such a way that not only further inflames the Arab world against us, but as well has succeeded in our alienating ourselves against those nations with whom we have been friendly for over a century, we bless thee.

And finally, for using your influence in our media and academia to flood our minds with pornography and lies, as well as inculcating in us a hatred for our history, religion, and culture, for dividing our nation between races and sexes, and for releasing into our society all of your plagues and filth that have left us a rotted out corpse of a once great nation, oh Israel, our friend,

we bless thee.

2006 by Mark Glenn



-Anyone interested in verification of some of the information contained in this piece should read either of ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky's books, 'By Way of Deception' and 'The Other Side of Deception' as well as ex-US Congressman Paul Findley's books 'Those Who Dare To Speak Out' and 'Deliberate Deceptions'

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