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Why Continue to Write About Fouad Kaady?

Many people reading this site probably wonder why I continue to rant about the murder of Fouad Kaady, month after month. To tell the truth, I often wonder myself. I have never been one to engage in obsessive behavior, but this case haunts me, perhaps even more than all of the other murders by cop that have occurred in our area in recent years.
For those who may have been out of the area, a quick recap is in order: Fourteen months ago, on Sept 8, 2005, those of us living in the area were startled awake by the "story" carried on local media stations, concerning a young man, who was completely nude, and acting "irrational," who had "possibly been involved in some hit and run accidents," who was subsequently SHOT AND KILLED BY A SANDY POLICE OFFICER AND A CLACKAMAS COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF. The local reports continued to demonize and marginalize the victim for days, with "perhaps he was on drugs," "may have mental health issues," and similar innuendo.

The fact that the victim was reported to be completely naked at the time of the killing led us to ask more questions, to actually purchase copies of what reports the sheriff would release, and to enquire of folks here, on Indymedia for anyone who may have details, or more knowledge. It also caused us to respond to the vigil in Sandy, where we met with friends and family of Fouad. The more we learned, the more appalled we became.

The police report indicated that the officers, responding to several calls of a possibly burning vehicle involved in several accidents, arrived in the area, and the deputy (Willard) grabbed his shotgun, and jumped in the Sandy cop's (Bergin) car, and they sped off like Starsky and Hutch, superheros in search of a criminal.

Failing to find a criminal, they found only a severely injured, naked, "catatonic" (their word) and completely unarmed individual (Fouad Kaady) seated alongside the road, with his skin burned from his body, bleeding, rocking, and moaning. They did the only rational thing: they demanded (in that herd of turkeys, screaming fashion that we are all familiar with) that Fouad lay out on the hot pavement, which he (probably more sane than they) did not do. Drawing on their first responder training, they then transitioned to tasers, and tasered Fouad until their electronic toys were out of juice. After experiencing all of the additional pain caused by these morons, when the juice stopped, Fouad did yet another thing that was more rational than his torturers, he jumped up, and fled to the nearest high ground, which just happened to be Bergin's running and unlocked cruiser, which had, for some stupid reason, Willard's loaded shotgun on the hood.
Fouad was dancing around in pain, and crying out for succor, when the stalwart agents of the state decided that they did not know what to do with him, and according to their statement, were not about to let him touch them, nor were they going to touch him, so they shot him and killed him.

Well, that is the short version of the story. No one will ever know exactly what led to Fouad being there, in that place, at that time. What is pretty certain from all factors that are known, is that Fouad had run out of gas in Gresham. He then ran, walked, or possibly hitch hiked to his parents' home, borrowed his father's car, went somewhere to obtain a can of gasoline. On the way back to his car, something, possibly the gasoline, burst into flames (perhaps as the result of his first accident, a rear ender). From that point, he was on fire, and not really in control of the car (who would be), which was careening down a rural road, striking several other cars, before it ran off the road, and he was able to bail out, running from the pain. He ran as far as he could, shedding what clothes had not already burned from his body. When Bergin and Willard came upon him, he was seated, and causing no problems for anyone, until they amped him up with their electro stimulation toys and killed him for failing to fall to the pavement and handcuff himself. That, folks is the story in a nutshell, and that is MURDER, plain and simple. No grand jury, no blue ribbon committee, and certainly no shiny faced Sheriff Craig Roberts, will ever convince me otherwise.

Back to the original question, why do I continue to obsess over this case, when the cops in this area have been killing without cause for decades? I guess that my first reason is that this occurred way out in the south east, where it appeared there was a great lack of public support (CopWatch said it was out of their "jurisdiction.") for the family of the victim. We met the family, and saw their hearts torn from them, and no one seemed to be paying enough attention, except here, on Indy. Our hearts wept for them, and we wanted to whatever possible to ease their pain, for in reality, we already knew that the grand jury would not indict, and the sheriff would never admit culpability.

Fouad and his family are Lebanese American, and due to these trying and distrustful times, we felt that perhaps they would feel isolated from "main stream," and our support was needed. The outpouring of public support that we have seen in the Lukus Glenn case (he, at least, was making threats, and had a small knife with which to maybe nick a cop or two), and for James Chasse, are good to see. Such support was not available to the Kaady family, at least publicly. The Lebanese American community was understandably afraid to be too vocal, or too visible, with a couple of well known exceptions, so it remained for us, here at Indy, to make as much noise as possible in their behalf.

The killing goes on, and while few are as flagrantly murder as was Fouad's (James Chasse, and Jose' Mejia Poot come immediately to mind), there seems to be no end to the hubris of the police and their protectors, the District Attorneys. Continually trying to blame everything on lack of training, and lack of mental health facilities, etc, when what is lacking is discipline, control, and caring on the part of the institutions that are now more concerned with keeping us, their constituents, in line, in fenced free speech zones, and the like, is what keeps me writing. What is lacking is citizen oversight.

I have been snapped out of my comfort zone, and will not return there, until there is some control over the murdering thugs that we are paying to protect us. We will feel some vindication when the Spence firm renders some of the fat out of the porkers who murdered Fouad, but many more remain to be rendered, before we can call it a just world.

So please friends, try not to get too irritated, when I continue, at least once a month, to remind everyone that we are not safe, none of us. Since I will be away from any access to the Internet on the 8th, I am posting this now, to mark the fourteenth month since the murder of Fouad Kaady, by those who are sworn to protect and to serve. I am still angry, and will continue to be so, until we right the system.
In Loving Memory 05.Nov.2006 15:34


Lew, there is really no need to explain yourself to others. The memory of Fouad and others who too have met with such senseless and tragic ends deserve to have their names,faces,lives and deaths remembered by all, not only by those who mourn them but also by those who killed them. Never feel you need to defend a display of love and respect for others. The world needs more like you. Thank you for taking the time to honor Fouad and remind us of what we are missing.

A white guy would not have been treated this way 06.Nov.2006 05:02

white man

This would not have happened if he was not of Lebanese descent.
A white guy would not have been treated this way

The System 06.Nov.2006 06:38

Den Mark, Vancouver

"The system" likes it when people forget atrocities & move on. "The system" wants people to have snacks & watch moovees & not think. So we have as one of our jobs, those of us who love Justice, to keep Truth in view at all times. "The system" does not like that, but "the system" reeks & must be defied. I am grateful to all on Indy who keep Truth out there. We will NOT let Fouad be forgotten. We will NOT move on. We will NOT give in to "the system".

re "a white man" 06.Nov.2006 07:36

indy investigator

To the "white man": While you're absolutely right to point out the obvious racism in the "justice" system, it appears that in this case anyway, race was not a factor in the killing. It was almonst certainly a factor in the reprehensible behavior of the police after the killing -- in the way they treated Mr. Kaady's family, and the way they dragged his name through the mud. However, at the time that he was killed, no one knew what race he was. According to police transcripts and reports, all the witnesses assumed he was a white male. He was badly burned, and no one could determine his race.

I say this not to disagree that race is a factor in police violence -- it is -- but to point out that none of us is safe from predatory police violence. Not even white people. While white people have a special (and unearned) privilege, and an obligation to stand up to this violence, because it is true that police are less likely to harass, incarcerate, and kill white people than people of color. But none of us can afford to sit back and relax, thinking we're safe. As long as they are armed and prowling our streets, anyone could be next. Anyone.

Thanks for keeping us informed! 07.Nov.2006 01:23


I stumbled upon this web site by accident but am so glad I did! It's wonderful to find someone like Lew who cares enough to keep this in the public eye! How frightening it's been to see the heightened police reaction to every little thing...they seemingly strain at a gnat and swallow a camel! What gives with all their hostile actions...and the public's acceptance of them? Too many armchair TV shows with the public aroused to support them right or wrong? Yes, they lie and cover up...it was shocking to witness this in person not so long ago. In the Chasse case it's immediately covered up by accusing him of being "mentally ill." One problem is how our media is so quick to pick up on this and report it! Maybe he was just a poor individual who was living on the street and didn't have enough to eat. Shame on people for being such fools and believing everything the media tells them! We need to complain about this also: the very strong link between the police and the media - without the media coming to the quick defense of the police perhaps the truth would be more apparent.

The 8th of forever 07.Nov.2006 11:54


Anyone who has to ask why just doesn't get it. It's important and appropriate to especially remember Fouad here at this time each month, and I thank you Lew for doing it. It's the tenacious efforts like yours and other writers here on Indy that have forced the rest of the world to pay more attention and not let these atrocities fade from memory.

And while I don't discount the race factor in dealing with cops {the PPB's racial profiling study proves it's there), I think it's crucial to also remember that just because you're a clean cut white guy, it doesn't mean you're safe. There's a definite "us against them" mentality in law enforcement that is not necessarily limited to racial boundaries.

That said, I wonder about the racial (and/or geographical) issues in the media's covering of these incidents. Chasse, Glenn, Kaady... Lots written about the first two, not much re: FK. Why? Cuz it didn't happen in Portland or to a "white" guy? I don't understand the dichotomy.

And it's not as if FK's family were faceless or unknown. Wasn't his grandfather mayor of Portland or something like that? I can't remember the details just now, but you'd think there'd be some news value in that alone, wouldn't you?

The fickle MSM is why it's necessary for we citizen journalists and activists to keep writing about Fouad and others the MSM deem not worthy of their attention. Keep up the good work Lew - and all the rest of you.

I didnt know about it! 07.Nov.2006 23:25

DaveB Hillsboro

If you think its mundane and repetitive, consider this. I knew nothing of the murder and am a young headstrong male that encounters cops from time to time and it is'nt always friendly...Thx 4 the heads up and reminder, "He who has the gun, may shoot the gun"; the law man/woman isnt always logical or lawful when the trigger is pulled... If this man was murdered by pd then to hell with popular news keep it rolling, I would like the addy of a website that has more specific northwest peace officer murders...we should rally (again?) for this victim. what the hell is copwatch talking about? out of jurisiction? they sound as bad as the PD pr team, I will keep that in mind the next time copwatch ask for info/assist on the frontline...Here's my 2 cents,,,keep your head up,eyes open, and never give up... Thx indi,,,Dave

Two new readers is also why 08.Nov.2006 00:15


Right on Lew, looks like you've attracted the attention of at least two new readers here too. Yet another EXCELLENT reason "Why Continue to Write About Fouad Kaady?" Great job, great article. Thanks for continuing to post your thoughtful and moving writing here.

Thanks to all of you for your attention 09.Nov.2006 14:08


So, hey, thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts and support. I know that our continued support means the world to Fouad's family, and it has to give the cops pause to think, when they know that our citizens are not disposable commodities, to be trashed whenever they have spare ammo. Some may even stop to ask themselves, "what the fuck and I doing in this "profession?" If our words inspire compassion, or second thoughts, on the part of even one fascist tool, I feel my work is of value.

For the Love of Justice and Harmony 10.Nov.2006 15:59

Diana Richardson licketysplit7777@yahoo.com

I am thankful that the person who wrote this article has not stopped writing. I wish to join my voice to this one and encourage any and all to see this situation for what it is. When injustice is done to one it is done to all. This story must not be forgotten. It must be told and retold until it sinks in that it is the duty of every citizen(and resident)to protest this particular and all similar police murders, demand investigation by unbiased commission(of citizens)and to pursue this matter in the only way worth doing: to its conclusion and the enforcement of a responsible, disciplined caring police force that truly serves us(not "the state"). Who will join me and the author of this article in spearheading such a task force to hold the police responsible,(coerce them to) initiate reconciliation with the victim's family and see public apology??


king of hearts.

I continually recite the story of the Fouady murder and the problem with Grand Juries who acquit. They are shown whatever the DA wants them to see. Then there is the fact that ALL POLICE policies now give carte blanche to shoot to kill if an officer can claim "I feared for my life". Of course the Fouady murder is the prime example of the farce that defense has become, WHERE WAS HE HIDING THE WEAPON? WHAT DID THE OFFICERS SEE THAT THREATENED THEM? or were they pissed off that a naked guy got on their cruiser? I think the Grand Juries say, "well that is a terrible mistake but the naked guy is dead and we don't want to ruin these boys careers, a mistake, anyone would make."

Love 17.Nov.2006 20:47

George Kahl

Fouad was and will always be the most beautiful person I know. Thank you all so much for your kind words.

Stop apologising for your degenerate friends 28.Nov.2006 15:31

Poidog 1909

Boo Hoo you mindless idiot. Your freshman attempt towards propaganda and rhetoric would get a failing grade in any high school class dealing with propaganda. You cowards always have one of those freaky bizarre tales to tell about the cop that had his gun taken away by an unarmed man or about the super strength of some naked maniac on drugs. Most of these stories are a lot like the finger in the Big Mac type stories, urban legends.. Either that or they are the most rare and unlikely of situations that are so far removed from the scope of everyday policing as to not merit more than mention.
The truth is that weighed against other professions, being a cop isn't nearly as dangerous of a job as many others face daily. Working at a Seven - Eleven is probably much more dangerous than being a cop You don't hear loggers or those working in saw mills constantly sniveling or complaining about how dangerous their job is. Nor do you see them shutting down an entire city for a pomp and circumstance type parade when one of their comrades is killed in the line of duty. Real men know the dangers of these jobs when they take them and they accept that danger and use as much common sense as necessary to protect themselves. What cops have been very successful at is using the media and their unions to convince the public how dangerous their jobs are as they go about the business of terrifying a nation with an epidemic of police brutality and senseless violence.

I can't help thinking about what happens when some poor citizen falls into a crevice while climbing Mt. Hood. The county and government might spend tens of thousands of dollars to aid in rescue. Brave men line up to put their life in jeopardy, all for the sake of saving one life. I think the question we need to answer is, what value judgments are made about the value of a persons life in different circumstances. If we were to use the same rationale and criteria that cops apply to these deadly force encounters where they feel their life is in danger, the best thing to do with the guy in the crevice would be to lob a grenade in and forget about risking life. I grew up with and know a lot of fire fighters.
Now here is a group of heroes and brave men that deserve every bit of the respect that we afford them. It's no wonder most fireman I have known have little use for most cops.

We don't have an epidemic of cops being killed and injured on the job across the nation. Pick up almost any paper any morning anywhere though and you will see that we do have a problem with police violence and excessive force. What we have is a culture of cowardly bullies that have taken on a gang mentality and feel they are above the law. Through scaring and manipulating the public with the help of the media this group of bullies usually has their way with the legislature and the courts. What that translates to is that they are the winners and the public are the losers. The cops and the media have done such a good job of marginalizing groups of people in our society that no one seems to think much when they read in the morning paper that someone else was shot and killed by the police as long as the article mentions that the victim was homeless, on drugs, mentally ill, or of minority race.

Ever talk to a modern day bully cop? It doesn't take long to figure out that they are the blind followers among us that pay strict adherence to authority and it's dictates. These are the boys and girls that were always willing to fall in line and get with the program as long as the order came from up above. These are the people who think they hear the truth when they listen to Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. To me the most pitiful thing about our culture is that so many have quit learning histories lessons. This
select group that makes up much of what we call law enforcement now a days could have easily come from Hitler's SS. They have had their humanity stripped from them and are like mindless zombies following orders.
Can we have sympathy for this group or reach out to help them? Sure we can. But just as other criminals that doesn't mean we let them continue with their life of crime or escaping responsibility for their actions. This is a sick group that needs lots of love and help. My guess is that the majority of these little authoritarians grew up with big authoritarians, (Their Parents), and most likely suffered abusive childhoods of being bullied into submission. Just as molested children act out their abuse, these victims are acting out theirs and unleashing a terrible cancer on our entire society. If it wasn't for the unions that protect them from drug test and other acts of accountability, I think the public would be shocked to learn just how many of the men in blue are full blown alcoholics, drug addicts, and often wife and child beaters.
It's unlikely that the above piece was actually written by a cop. It was most likely written by a want to-be authoritarian who skimmed a little information from the press about the Carl Bell case or the Kaddy case. Everybody except a few racist cops, including a federal jury knew that Carl Bell was a good cop with a stellar career until he ended up in Clackamas County which is one of the most disgustingly backwards shit holes in the US, and suffered working with a bunch of degenerates.

As for the Kaddy murder, all I can say to your defense of these murderous cowards is: Fuck you. You sick son of a bitch. My survey has shown that even most of those in law enforcement are ashamed and disgusted with the black eye this atrocity left on law enforcement. You are obviously a loser who knows nothing. Everything about this case begs that the two cops that murdered Kaddy should serve jail time and that those that assisted in the cover up in Clackamas County should also be held accountable. Shame on you for being such a blatant degenerate. I will be satisfied to let Jerry Spence and the jury have the final word on this one when it comes to trial.
And FYI you moronic meddler, did it somehow escape your attention that the man that was supposedly kicked in the chest was the uncle of the young girls car that Kaddy hit before he ran off the road and that she called this uncle for assistance. Do you really think this gut followed Kaddy in the woods to help him you moron? Also, did you forget that Kaddy was sitting quietly in the street in shock until your cowardly animal friends taxed him you sick son of a bitch. My opinion is that in a perfect world you would be horse whipped for being such an anti social degenerate.

we will never forget fouad or CARLOS M RUBIO 04.Dec.2006 14:57

debra a rubio hardwayswife@yahoo.com

the only thing we can do is FIGHT! as both carlos and fouad are missed - in a way no one can possibly imagine - we have to fight for the right thing to be done. our family will not stop until at least 1 bitch bastard of a cop is in prison where he belongs. our civil suit will start depositions on thursday 12/7/06. we ARE going to bring down those bastards. thank you lew for keeping this going. the pain that our families are suffering cannot be put into words. we have lost our children. they have been MURDERED and it's time to take action. wish us luck - in a true, honest situation - well anyway - FOUAD and CARLOS will never be forgotten and our fight for CARLOS will not end until like i said before - at least one fat bitch bastard cop is in prison where he belongs. all support is welcome!!!!!!!!