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Petition to call for an end to violence in Oaxaca

This is about a petition I've posted online to call for an end to the violence against the people of Oaxaca, along with pleas for assistance in getting the word out.
Fellow workers, I've set up a petition to call for an end to the violence against the people of Oaxaca. It's specifically written as a plea to our legislators in Washington to tackle this issue head on, either by discussing it in public or by delivering our concerns to someone who can make the Mexican government see the reason in slowing down their violent siege of Oaxaca City.

I picked up 18 signatures at the Labor Council and 40 at my union meeting (NALC Branch 130). Added to the 29 who've currently signed the online petition that brings us up to 86. I plan to get more by hyping the petition on blogs and Indymedia sites, but I need help to get more by Monday night. If any of our members could email this petition to their friends and family, we could get enough to actually make an impact. I plan to print off the full list Monday afternoon before I head down to the Longshore Hall to meet with the legislators, where I will also try to get more signatures from those present.

If someone could work up a simple one-page factsheet that explains what's happening in Oaxaca and why the petition is necessary, we could pass that out to all the assembled celebrants on Monday, which would make it easier to get signatures on the petition. I've looked around the Web but haven't found anything short AND comprehensive. Anyone feel like helping out?

Here's the text of the petition:

 link to www.thepetitionsite.com

Petition to call for an end to the violence against the people of Oaxaca
We, the citizens and workers of the United States, call for an immediate end to the violent repression of the citizens and workers of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico by the state and federal police and paramilitary organizations.

We are signing this petition to encourage you, our elected officials to do everything you can to see a peaceful end to this struggle, as well as to call for the resignation of the brutal tyrant, Governor Ulises Ruis. In addition, many people have been killed and illegally detained in this conflict, and their captors and killers have not been brought to justice. We are asking you to pressure the Mexican Congress and President to investigate these crimes fully and to push for the punishment of all those found responsible.

What began as a simple labor strike was turned into a massive uprising because of the cruelty of Governor Ulises Ruis, and was made even worse by the violence of paramiltary gangs against the protestors. Sixteen people have lost their lives to this violence, including an American photojournalist, New York City's Brad Will. Please do your duty as a representative of this democratic republic and stand up for the natural rights of all world citizens and demand the end of this violent reprisal against them.

As our representatives, you have an obligation to stand up for the very values of the United States Constitution, the most fundamental being the right of the citizens to petition the government for redress of grievances. When the government of Oaxaca chose not to allow that, they abandoned the rule of law and placed their people under tyrrany. The government of Mexico must understand that the United States will not allow this kind of tyrrany to continue without great defiance from our elected officials.

Thank you, and good luck.

Jeff Richardson
Education Director
America in Solidarity

homepage: homepage: http://tahomaactivist.blogspot.com
phone: phone: 253-227-6884