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RENT HELP- Housing Voucher Lottery - Only 2 weeks left to apply

For the first time in more than four years, the Housing Authority of Portland will open a new waiting list for federal Section 8 rent vouchers.

Applications for a chance to join the waiting list will be available Nov. 1 and MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE Nov. 17. By applying for the waiting list, applicants will enter a lottery-style drawing to be held in January 2007. The first 3,000 names picked through the lottery will be placed on the waiting list for Rent vouchers.

To apply visit:  http://www.hapdx.org/options/sc8apply.html
HAP is opening a new waiting list application process for Section 8 vouchers on Nov. 1, 2006 and will close the process on Nov. 17. You must apply during this time to have a chance at getting Section 8 rent help. The Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)is funded by US Dept of Hsg & Urban Dev. & allows low-income residents to find their own place and use the voucher to pay for all or part of the rent, depending on their income level. In Multnomah County, HAP administers the program and pays the subsidy to the landlord.

HOW TO APPLY:  http://www.hapdx.org/options/sc8apply.html

INfo on new voucher lottery:  http://www.hapdx.org/newsroom/2006/102506.html

Not partaking in this crap 25.Dec.2006 13:15

common sense

I, for one am not going to take advantage of this program. I am not going to take one red cent from a government that screws everyone. Lining up with your hand out gives them control. Has anyone seen the section 8 rules? You still have to deal with a landlord. You still have to pay a huge portion of the rent. The answer is communal living. Don't line the pockets of landlords. This is not a program for us. It is a program designed to help landowners who have difficult to rent properties. I am not against welfare, just not welfare for the rich.

section 8 gratitude 02.Feb.2007 09:25


I have been on my own with paying the landlords for 9 years. I feel that section 8 gives poelple hope in becoming low income housing. I know you still deal with landlords but you have to do that anyway if you don't own your own home. So I think section 8 is a good opportunity for low income parents to raise there children on. I hope everyone could get the help they needed.